Friday, March 8, 2013

Maybelline Color Whispers

Hello readers!

So i'm here again with another post featuring Maybelline's color whisper. I am hooked because of it's lightweight and gel texture. The colors are pretty good too, i just love re-touching my lips w/ 'em like a lipbalm (which is btw, w/ just a lovely hint of colors).

The packaging is skinnier compare to the regular color sensation, but, i do love this packaging less bulky.

I got mine is "faint for fuchsia" and the infamous "petal rebel" that the advertisement model for this product wore.

w/o flash.. isn't cute? i love baby pinks!


just a comparison of w/ and w/o flash.. i'm really liking the staying power and how it makes my lips non-dry!
just wanted to post an update~ see ya'll later!

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