Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ipsy + Birchbox

Hi everyone!
Anyways was so excited to post this up because of my little encounter with delayed shipping in my area. My glambags was supposedly be here since January 2013 but apparently Richmond, Ca hold my package for a month and i just recently got 'em on the mail. Now, what so great about it being late is that Ipsy was so kind enough to send me a replacement order, no charge! I'm really happy with their customer service. Anyways, i got the replacement order first before the original glam bag.. i didn't want to complain on Birchbox cause they sent me like this long paragraph how my box is "delayed" oh well, I'm still pretty happy of what i got.

Now, if ya'll dont know ipsy, it's a monthly beauty sample subscription that comes with great items.

Above are the items i got as a replacement which is the same thing as the below which is the original one.

The only difference i got is the eye brush but either i love them both! The "Pacifica" handcream smells delicious! I can't wait to try these new found goodies and the best part i paid only $10.00 (per month/subs)

This is my very first Birchbox that i received, took also a month to get in my mailbox but I'm loving it! I actually love that it came with a perfume sample, i really am thinking of buying a full size.

I love the January glambags/box, for $10 per month.. with more than $50 a value? sign me up! lol! apparently if you do sign up you'll end up in waiting list but let me tell you it's worth it!

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