Monday, January 21, 2013

Benefit "so radiant" facial wash and scrub

Hi everyone!! It's been a while I haven't post here for the new year. I hope everyone is having a blast! Anyways today ill be reviewing a sample skin care I received with my ulta order. I thought this will be helpful for the one whose interested to buy this product.

The cleanser has a creamy texture and smells fruity like. I had left over makeup on and it cleanse and purifies all leftover of makeup (fyi: i use The Faceshop herbal wipes) that my face wipes didn't remove. I wish i took pictures but i already used, cleanse, and wipe my face. lol!I love how it feels refreshing and rejuvenating it gives. I am currently using Garnier facial wash (which i absolutely love) both have a creamy texture and both smells fruity. If you are on a budget i highly recommend Garnier (green tube with apple water..).
Second the "refined finish polish" facial scrub.. I absolutely love it! It is very gentle on the skin and i felt my skin smoother afterwards. The scrub has small polish like particles that you feel everytime you lather onto face. It gives me that refreshing feel as well afterwards. Well, for now i'm giving these two a very good review but i will keep on using this since i only need a small amount to use. I really hope this product will give me a radiant and smoother face. PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER! all reviews are my own thought and product purchase. It is all base on my own experiences. JUST AN FYI! I'm not a BENEFIT bias by the way.. I just love how the cleanser feels. til next time!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

just an update!

hi everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you who is reading this right now! Just like the last year i think i made a wishes and hope for the year of 2013. All i want is my family to be safe and hoping i will go with my resolution this year. I also want to try new makeup products this year and all my lipstick i've been "hoarding" nah.. collecting is more appropriate for my lippie goodies, i really need to say goodbye to the few and restart all over again.. them lippies do have an expiration date you!
these are the few. T_T i need to say bye to them! anyways, do follow me on instagram!!!! Follow @joyudesuu


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