Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ulta haul

hi all!

Are you all ready for Christmas?!!! I so am! And the best thing that happened today is that i received my package from ULTA.
I finally bought the infamous sister of the "Naked" 1 from Urban Decay Cosmetics and i love it! I'm thinking of getting the "baby" of the naked family. lol!
And the best part as well, they also gave me the goodie cosmetic bag and i also used their 20% off. It was a great deal and it was also my first time purchasing from their website. I was amaze how fast my package shipped, it took about a week to be shipped here to Guam.
The sample that i most want to try out, all the goodies came in a red tube bag (?) and there was a lot! I think they were excluded with the coupon but still gave it to me! Thank yous! next time for review~

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