Monday, December 17, 2012

current favorites + the face shop cleansing wipes

My current faves and my daily makeup routine for work! I sometimes put on eyeshadows but i wake up late. lol!

From left to right:
1. skin79 "the oriental gold bb cream"
3. Missha perfect cover bb cream #23
4. Dior lipglow
5. Bobbi Brown blush in "plum"
4. YSL toche eclat # 4.5
5. Artdeco pen eyeliner
6.  Maybelline false lash
7. Lancome eye definer in "sable"
8. Clinique almost real makeup powder
And don't mind the sample sticker! lol!
i quit bb creams a while back but still keeps coming back since the color of my skin got lighter. My old foundation was a tad darker than my skin color now. Although i do miss my golden caramel tan but i'm liking my lighter skin now since i stop going out in the sun.. ugh! the uv rays!
what i like about this BB cream is that it has also a lip and cheek cream which i find very useful on the go.I also can use the cream for my lips but it sometimes ends up too drying on the lips so watch out for that. I also use the one from Missha #23, I usually switch them whichever i want to use that day.
My life savior! I swear i'm really glad i purchase this item because it does wonders with my face. lol! I really think this makes your face brightened and so photo ready.. i'm in-love with this product except it's price.
This mascara does wonder with my tiny lashes, it has fiber and it is also smudgeproof which is great i love how it makes my lashes long and full.
I love this blush because it just look so natural on my skin and just a tiny sweep is all you need.
This is my first ever eyeliner pen so far so good! I love how the tip is a brush and it glides so smoothly. The staying power is good but not that great cause it still smudge. Anyways all are great products just decided to let these goodies shine because i haven't done any reviews lately. So, a good quick review on these great awesome everyday makeup!
Anyways, ta-da! i've been using this for a quite a while now and i love how refreshing this is. It does the job removing excess makeup and whatnot but the waterproof mascara or such are a little bit difficult to remove with this. As always the scent from the face shop is always that cool and rejuvenating kind of smell (i'm sure i;m not alone on this one right?) it's so refreshing. I just love using this after the long day at work and just want to remove the makeup. Anyways, till next time~

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