Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lorea'l color riche lipstick + new makeup necessities

Hi everyone!!!! Today i'll be blogging about one of the newest line from loreal after their lip balm came the super luxurious lipstick. I had a chance to finally see them at my local drugstore, because, they are always out of stock. I bought four which btw were all my favorite colors. Lol! I love how they glide smoothly on my lips and true to the colors from the packaging.
love the packaging.. i also love how the colors of the lipstick is outside the packaging. Reminds me so much of YSL rouge lipstick, oh! the smell are similar too!! Mango peach i think.
the colors and names of the lipsticks. Overall, i think they are great and remind me so much of Ysl but cheaper. I also love the staying power after few or couple of drinks the tint stayed and i love that. There are different texture like shimmer, pearl, gel, and cream like texture , also, comes with other several colors to choose from. And here are my makeup necessities to my new easy makeup routine. Time is crucial for me cause i live far from where i work and oh!!! the lazyness when i wake up.
although i really miss my gel liners but takes me so much time to perfect my winged eye. I had new makeup that i collected from paul and joe kitty collection i think that i didnt do a review on. I love that poeder, it is smooth and silky feel. The color is transparent and its just too cute, i also have the waterproof gel liner. Lancome's doll lashes are great so far, it does give that effect of dolls. Lol! I also have a new eyebrow pencil which i love so much!!! I switch after my oh so fave revlon brow tint pencil but this new one is just great (review coming soon).Oh well, too much rambling that is all for now.

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