Friday, August 24, 2012

food trip

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is had a great weekdays.. dont worry saturday will be coming soon.Anyways, few friends and i went to eat at this new restaurant located in the heart of Tumon they opened a few weeks ago and we wanted to try it out. The restaurant is called En its a japanese restaurant that serve authentic japanese cuisine. So without further ado...
the place is very traditional, cherry wooden table with black chairs and orchid flowers everywhere. Sign or saying of great philosophers hung neatly on the walls. The ambiance and the workers were just great. When you enter you'll see a sushi bar and the employees greets "irichamasen" (welcome). I love how one of the waiter pulled out the chair and let me sit, what a gentleman!? Lol.
our first appetizer are california rolls and tempura sushi roll. Nothing really great about this but i love how its plated.
this was really good, its crispy and it came with a tempura sauce. The filling is the same as the cali. Roll crab meat, cucumber, and avocado. I believe they are both $7.00 each.
our first main course is teriyaki chicken thigh. The meat was scrumptious and oh the skin was crispy so delicious. It came with a maruya japanese rice (soft and cooked just right), fresh iceburg lettuce with red bell peppers and garbanzo, drizzle with sweet and savory sesame dressing. The entree also came with poke and lettuce tomatoe vinegar salad.
we also had a ny steak, chicken, shrimp tepanyaki. The meats are bedded on a sauteed beansprout. They also came with rice, poke, and salad. The shrimps was wrapped in a thick slice of bacon, not that salty and the shrimp was plump and juicy. I also tried the chicken tepanyaki.. the meat was moist and tender, it tasted so good like buttery i had to eat both.. btw, the set came with 2 piece of meat each.. i think. I didnt eat the steak but my friend said it was good. It also came with "finadene" ( chamorro soysauce and vinegar dipping sauce) and some kind of sesame creamy sauce. Our miso soup was served last maybe because it was just picked out from the stove so it was piping hot. The prices are a bit high but the food is really good and i really love the service. Til next time~ Fyi: I think ill be writing all food review like this.

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