Monday, August 13, 2012

clinique real compact makeup powder.

Hello everyone! This is my first time trying clinique powders since i given up on anything liquid foundation because i just can't keep up cleaning brushes and drying them and using concealers.. etc. Its too much so i have a new makeup routine that takes only five min. (Will post a blog about it soon). I've been using my paul and joe powder from the summer collection i believe the one with a cat face on the compact (will post pic soon) but i still needed extra to cover my redness on my face. So i picked this out and so far so good.

I got color 240 i believe its a little just a little light than my skin color cause of darker shade after wearing it for so many hours.. learned the hard way while using mac studio fix.

For now i give it a good review but since this is my firstpowder from clinique maybe i should try the more higher end since i want that full coverage but dont want it darker throughout or cakey.
and saw this at sm. Killer stilleto.. i thought it was so badass but what happens if it gets hook on something but def. A protection from all them aholes and jerks. Wants but nah ill pass.. maybe for Rihanna or Gaga. Til next time.

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