Tuesday, July 24, 2012

oh my big buddha

Sunday shopping with thee mom last saturday and bought me some goodies.. My very first big buddha bag from their spring/summer 2012 collection..
This was actually the last one so i had to splurge which is really bad! T_T http://www.bigbuddha.com/product/jroma.do?sortby=bestSellers <<<< more detaills. I also wanted to try "di palomo" body lotion in white grape with aloe. The smell is so nice , fresh, and crisp. Just like the smell after uou shower of course with a really yummy fragrance. It absorbs fast and very moisturizing.check out http://www.dipalomo.com/ for more info and details.
also bought me havianas feat. "The muppets" I know need more makeup reviews coming up soon.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pandora "vanilla shake" colored contacts.

Hi all! So i just learned how to put on contacts this few days and what a nervewracking feeling since it was my first time putting anything on my eyeball.. lol! And now i'm use to it, i alwas wanted to try colored contacts since but never had a nerve to do so .. i wad introduce by a friend when she was wearing hers and it look so cute on her eyes.. so i thought why not enhace my eye.. :)

I will post up the link soon

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lazy friday

Hey all!

Not a beauty blog today... :( anyways, lets go do some food tripping.

And pic of the day... (im using my tab and so new to this.. hopefully more reviews coming soon..)


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