Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ulta haul

hi all!

Are you all ready for Christmas?!!! I so am! And the best thing that happened today is that i received my package from ULTA.
I finally bought the infamous sister of the "Naked" 1 from Urban Decay Cosmetics and i love it! I'm thinking of getting the "baby" of the naked family. lol!
And the best part as well, they also gave me the goodie cosmetic bag and i also used their 20% off. It was a great deal and it was also my first time purchasing from their website. I was amaze how fast my package shipped, it took about a week to be shipped here to Guam.
The sample that i most want to try out, all the goodies came in a red tube bag (?) and there was a lot! I think they were excluded with the coupon but still gave it to me! Thank yous! next time for review~

Saturday, December 22, 2012

ipsy glambag for december 2012

hi all! So exciting today... why?? cause i got my very first ipsy glambag!! This is also my very first so called "glambox" or "glambag" subscription.
The infamous hot pink bubble mail envelope.
Inside came with the product information and a justfab catalog w/ my fave. beauty gurus.
And the products!! I love everything but i need to test out the primer first. I think every nyx loose pigments came in different shade, i had baby pink pearl. The gloss is great, i love how it's not sticky and you don't really need to layer a lot because it's so pigmented it leaves a nice tint on your lips.
It's just a nice red lip gloss to top over a red lipstick or just wear it regular. The most item i'm curious about in this glambag is the highlighter by "Maicouture". I'm amazed that when i tried it on my face it worked like a blotting paper as well. It leaves that nice golden glow perfect for the holiday.
Just look at that gorgeous color and sparkle.. i think i would totally buy a full size for this. Overall my first impression for ipsy is so far GOOD! I really thought my item was lost because it took almost 2 weeks for my subscription to arrive, maybe, because it's the holidays and that's totally acceptable. I'm patiently waiting for the January 2013 glambag and hoping it's something great just like this. til next time~

Monday, December 17, 2012

current favorites + the face shop cleansing wipes

My current faves and my daily makeup routine for work! I sometimes put on eyeshadows but i wake up late. lol!

From left to right:
1. skin79 "the oriental gold bb cream"
3. Missha perfect cover bb cream #23
4. Dior lipglow
5. Bobbi Brown blush in "plum"
4. YSL toche eclat # 4.5
5. Artdeco pen eyeliner
6.  Maybelline false lash
7. Lancome eye definer in "sable"
8. Clinique almost real makeup powder
And don't mind the sample sticker! lol!
i quit bb creams a while back but still keeps coming back since the color of my skin got lighter. My old foundation was a tad darker than my skin color now. Although i do miss my golden caramel tan but i'm liking my lighter skin now since i stop going out in the sun.. ugh! the uv rays!
what i like about this BB cream is that it has also a lip and cheek cream which i find very useful on the go.I also can use the cream for my lips but it sometimes ends up too drying on the lips so watch out for that. I also use the one from Missha #23, I usually switch them whichever i want to use that day.
My life savior! I swear i'm really glad i purchase this item because it does wonders with my face. lol! I really think this makes your face brightened and so photo ready.. i'm in-love with this product except it's price.
This mascara does wonder with my tiny lashes, it has fiber and it is also smudgeproof which is great i love how it makes my lashes long and full.
I love this blush because it just look so natural on my skin and just a tiny sweep is all you need.
This is my first ever eyeliner pen so far so good! I love how the tip is a brush and it glides so smoothly. The staying power is good but not that great cause it still smudge. Anyways all are great products just decided to let these goodies shine because i haven't done any reviews lately. So, a good quick review on these great awesome everyday makeup!
Anyways, ta-da! i've been using this for a quite a while now and i love how refreshing this is. It does the job removing excess makeup and whatnot but the waterproof mascara or such are a little bit difficult to remove with this. As always the scent from the face shop is always that cool and rejuvenating kind of smell (i'm sure i;m not alone on this one right?) it's so refreshing. I just love using this after the long day at work and just want to remove the makeup. Anyways, till next time~

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MOTD: smokey eyes and pinks lips

Hi everyone! So i decided to do a little look from the Bobbi Brown palette...
the items used for the look minus the BB cream.. Bobbi soho chic palette, Bobbi plum shade blush, YSL highlight/concealer, lancome eyebrow pencil, artdeco pen eyeliner, mac lipstick and lipglass.
i used the three bottom rows of the palette..
I'm not really use to doing smokey or dark shadows eyes because i'm more of natural kind of makeup/look. In this case i think the shades from the palette are really gorgeous and it wasn't difficult to apply at all. It was also my first time trying out YSl touche eclat and i'm telling ya, i think it makes a really good concealer and highlighter at the same time.. it makes your pics looks good too! til next time!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bobbi Brown soho chic palette

Stacking up on my Bobbi Brown collection.. well, for now i have 3 in total but i think i'd want more specially their eyeshadow palettes. Never did i thought that their eyeshadows are that pigmented. I actually never tried Bobbi's eyeshadow line but i'm liking it.
They are not that shimmery nor metallic, well maybe how you apply them. I just love the bottom row, the purple gray is a perfect shadow for smokey eye look.
anyways, the other purchase was a blush which really looked good on my tan skin.. i'm thinking of getting some more of the blushes. Very pigmented and you just need very little to reach that rosy cheeks. that's all for now ti'll next time!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerdeld

Hi everyone!!! Finally i back to blogging mode cause i got me a new laptop. Tab and Ipad doesn't work for me because i hate pressing buttons and it's just too much for me! lol! So, i'm back with my notebook.. finally!! Anyways, roaming around DFS and saw these cute necessities that i wanted so bad. It's been a while since i haven't shopped for makeup and it felt great like the old days. lol! Okay enough with the blabbing! Have ya'll seen the new line from Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld holiday collection for 2012?? super cute!! I didn't wanna spend on so much so i just bought what i neede, which was the eyelash curler.
cute box!
i just love the keychain that comes w/ it!
next to my old Shu eyelash curler. Price ranging from $16.00.. i know a bit expensive than the regular one but it's cute and if your in need of a new one why not get the limited collection. Well that's it for now, till next time!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lorea'l color riche lipstick + new makeup necessities

Hi everyone!!!! Today i'll be blogging about one of the newest line from loreal after their lip balm came the super luxurious lipstick. I had a chance to finally see them at my local drugstore, because, they are always out of stock. I bought four which btw were all my favorite colors. Lol! I love how they glide smoothly on my lips and true to the colors from the packaging.
love the packaging.. i also love how the colors of the lipstick is outside the packaging. Reminds me so much of YSL rouge lipstick, oh! the smell are similar too!! Mango peach i think.
the colors and names of the lipsticks. Overall, i think they are great and remind me so much of Ysl but cheaper. I also love the staying power after few or couple of drinks the tint stayed and i love that. There are different texture like shimmer, pearl, gel, and cream like texture , also, comes with other several colors to choose from. And here are my makeup necessities to my new easy makeup routine. Time is crucial for me cause i live far from where i work and oh!!! the lazyness when i wake up.
although i really miss my gel liners but takes me so much time to perfect my winged eye. I had new makeup that i collected from paul and joe kitty collection i think that i didnt do a review on. I love that poeder, it is smooth and silky feel. The color is transparent and its just too cute, i also have the waterproof gel liner. Lancome's doll lashes are great so far, it does give that effect of dolls. Lol! I also have a new eyebrow pencil which i love so much!!! I switch after my oh so fave revlon brow tint pencil but this new one is just great (review coming soon).Oh well, too much rambling that is all for now.

Friday, August 24, 2012

food trip

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is had a great weekdays.. dont worry saturday will be coming soon.Anyways, few friends and i went to eat at this new restaurant located in the heart of Tumon they opened a few weeks ago and we wanted to try it out. The restaurant is called En its a japanese restaurant that serve authentic japanese cuisine. So without further ado...
the place is very traditional, cherry wooden table with black chairs and orchid flowers everywhere. Sign or saying of great philosophers hung neatly on the walls. The ambiance and the workers were just great. When you enter you'll see a sushi bar and the employees greets "irichamasen" (welcome). I love how one of the waiter pulled out the chair and let me sit, what a gentleman!? Lol.
our first appetizer are california rolls and tempura sushi roll. Nothing really great about this but i love how its plated.
this was really good, its crispy and it came with a tempura sauce. The filling is the same as the cali. Roll crab meat, cucumber, and avocado. I believe they are both $7.00 each.
our first main course is teriyaki chicken thigh. The meat was scrumptious and oh the skin was crispy so delicious. It came with a maruya japanese rice (soft and cooked just right), fresh iceburg lettuce with red bell peppers and garbanzo, drizzle with sweet and savory sesame dressing. The entree also came with poke and lettuce tomatoe vinegar salad.
we also had a ny steak, chicken, shrimp tepanyaki. The meats are bedded on a sauteed beansprout. They also came with rice, poke, and salad. The shrimps was wrapped in a thick slice of bacon, not that salty and the shrimp was plump and juicy. I also tried the chicken tepanyaki.. the meat was moist and tender, it tasted so good like buttery i had to eat both.. btw, the set came with 2 piece of meat each.. i think. I didnt eat the steak but my friend said it was good. It also came with "finadene" ( chamorro soysauce and vinegar dipping sauce) and some kind of sesame creamy sauce. Our miso soup was served last maybe because it was just picked out from the stove so it was piping hot. The prices are a bit high but the food is really good and i really love the service. Til next time~ Fyi: I think ill be writing all food review like this.

Monday, August 13, 2012

clinique real compact makeup powder.

Hello everyone! This is my first time trying clinique powders since i given up on anything liquid foundation because i just can't keep up cleaning brushes and drying them and using concealers.. etc. Its too much so i have a new makeup routine that takes only five min. (Will post a blog about it soon). I've been using my paul and joe powder from the summer collection i believe the one with a cat face on the compact (will post pic soon) but i still needed extra to cover my redness on my face. So i picked this out and so far so good.

I got color 240 i believe its a little just a little light than my skin color cause of darker shade after wearing it for so many hours.. learned the hard way while using mac studio fix.

For now i give it a good review but since this is my firstpowder from clinique maybe i should try the more higher end since i want that full coverage but dont want it darker throughout or cakey.
and saw this at sm. Killer stilleto.. i thought it was so badass but what happens if it gets hook on something but def. A protection from all them aholes and jerks. Wants but nah ill pass.. maybe for Rihanna or Gaga. Til next time.

food trip

Hi all! Heres another food tripping for you all and i know makeup shall be prioritize but here comes the yummsies! Did everyone had a good weekend? Hope you all did :)
dinner at jungle java located inside outrigger. Had me some chicken ranch wrap and "albino" monkey milk drink.
super yummy light japanese cheesecake... oh the super smooth and creamy texture.
i forgot the names but this is too buttery but the wafer and pecans makes up for it.
this is my first time trying this, its a crepe club.. crepe as a savory sandwich?i only tried them as a dessert. It was good though.. blt wrapoed in a thin pancake.. has anyone of you tried this yet? All three are located at Firefly cafe in Hagatna. And lastly homemade tempura and spam sushi also i had the fried tofu (i cant remember the name) rice ball.
Thats all for now..

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

oh my big buddha

Sunday shopping with thee mom last saturday and bought me some goodies.. My very first big buddha bag from their spring/summer 2012 collection..
This was actually the last one so i had to splurge which is really bad! T_T <<<< more detaills. I also wanted to try "di palomo" body lotion in white grape with aloe. The smell is so nice , fresh, and crisp. Just like the smell after uou shower of course with a really yummy fragrance. It absorbs fast and very moisturizing.check out for more info and details.
also bought me havianas feat. "The muppets" I know need more makeup reviews coming up soon.


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