Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet Magazine July 2011


My order finally came in today and i was super excited to open the freebie which was the tote bag and pouch from Cher Shore.

this bag is humongous!! but, the bad thing about it is that the material is flimsy and i'm afraid if i carry around my laptop in there it will break.
i love this pouch, it's very roomy and super cute!
just take a look at all the items that fit there, it could fit more but that's all the makeup items i carry with me.

for more pics and info please click HERE!

I am selling the tote. If any of you are interested please email me at xbestdamnthing@gmail.com


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Majolica Majorca puff de cheek

I recieved this a couple of days back and i didn't feel like blogging about it then
so here it is.

I believe it comes in 4 colors but these 2 are the only one available at adambeauty.com, i think i paid $11 each.
Check out the products here fromSheseido Majolica Majorca.

Urban Decay Naked

Look what came in the mail today?

yes, the infamous Urban Decay Naked palette.

I've been wanting this bad boy since it came out but it was sold out everywhere
and then i realized Macys.comcarries Urban Decay.. although it was also sold out back then. The sellers from ebay overly price them like $20 more.. wth?!

oh well, for the Guam peeps Macy's got your back w/ the right price and free shipping w/ $50 purchase.

Friday, June 3, 2011

random blogging.

getting the yummsies on at gyoza-yatai, located at lower Tumon Guam.
melon tapioca.. i think.. taste umai!
gahh! they had the best tasting kimchi fried rice imo so far.

Hello Kitty press on nails!!
i got me this! so cute! i love the pink and pearl.

more to choose from.. $14 at twinkles.

saves big time.. and i like the silver and gold combo.

that's all for now~


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