Saturday, May 28, 2011

YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ - #23 luscious pink + my mini lipstick collection


This is my first time owning a YSL ROUGE VOLUPTElipstick. I got mine in number 23 which is a color of a pink brown. I love how it is silky and smooth when applied, it also smells really good.

i'm soo digging the gold and the outside color indicates the color of the lipstick.. very convenient!

not that great pic and some shimmer in there after i swatched one of my blushes.

and how it looked on my lips,

overall, i'm really impressed, the staying power is neutral but leaves a great tint when a bit dried up.

And presenting my lipstick collection,,
a bit messy and trust me it's not that much.

I put in a container w/ a 3 divider but it doesn't really matter since i just dumped them there. I collect mostly from Mac and Paul/Joe, some are from Japanese brand and some are the high end brand.

maybe i'll start a lipstick lip swatch challenge.
until then~~ thnks for reading!

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