Sunday, May 15, 2011

random food blogging!


Feast your eyes on these yummies! haha!

Dinner at Shirley's after church..

they use to have the best tasting egg-drop soup but i'm not feeling this.
sampler, nothing special
honey dipped fried chicken.. didn't really taste the honey..

and some random shots taken at a farewell party..
crab and broccoli salad.. when i make this i usually add corn. :)
yeah, it's a Filipino party.. we can't get it started w/o our main.
KFC's red rice, yes it's also our tradition (in GUAM) to have this at our table.
hot wings anyone?
and of course kimchi! i love the mix daigo and cucumber, it taste really yummy!

and more... mother's day dinner @ Aji-ichi!
bento box! the only yummy item in this bento is the teriyaki chicken!
yeah my mom put the inari next to the yakisoba. lol!
california rolls, not that great! i prefer ono sush inside micro mall.
spam musubi.. yumm!

and ended it w/ taro bubble tea!

just an update on my random daily life.
thnks for reading!

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