Saturday, May 14, 2011

Laneige "snow crystal intense" lipstick


Oemgee! it's been a while guys, didn't have anything to blog about. haha!
Anyways, i won this item that i'll be mentioning on this post, i won this at ebay with the username of "sundaylolo" i'm surely guessing he owns because he gives such great deals.. or maybe i'm wrong but yeah, i love bidding on all his items from lunasol, jill stuart, kose, etc.

I won this item and recieved it few days ago,
Laneige snow crystal intense lipstick. The bid was for two lipstick, there were more but it was on the other bid which i didn't really want because i like the colors that i was bidding on.

cute packaging! ^^

"true pink" a mauve rose pink!

"smile orange" mid tone pinkish orange (?) is there such a thing?? lol! but yeah.
my favorite color!!!

"smile orange" lipstick on my lips!

I love how it's pigmented and it doesn't leave your lips dry, it is also very moisturising. It also gives a great tint even after you wiped your lips after eating, what else to say?? a 5/5!

and just some things i bought a while back, yeah! i'm really getting into them fake nails.. haiii!

til next time~

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TheRoseYuri said...

Hello (: I'm about to buy this lipstick in TRUE PINK, but I can't imagine if the color is dark or light. My lip color is dark pink naturally so I don't want that light color, I want some medium tone. Could you post a pic of the color on lips? Here is my email
Thank a loooot. And your blog is so helpful. (:


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