Monday, May 30, 2011

Guerlain rouge automatique - 164 chamade

"Automatically Fashionable As Coveted as an It-bag. As Precious as a gem. As Glamorous as stilettos. Automatically Innovative On first glance, you will love the elegance of this structural case. Then you will enjoy its new gesture: Click, clack, and away you go. You look at it. You guess that it is telling you something......" for more info please click HERE!

It has a very neat packaging indeed, it is also very sturdy. I like their new concept and new shades. The lipstick is very comfortable to wear, a bit glossy a bit matte, or both. It has a sophisticated fragrance which consist of fresh and floral which is a plus since the "bullet" lipstick from Guerlain is too perfume-y.

I chose the color "chamade" which is a pink rose because it looks flirty and absolutely a color that matches any age and any occasion from either usual work wear or a fun classic night out.
its a really gorgeous color! even gave it a 5 out of 5 score! this color is a must have for any skin type.

I also recieved a free gift but you have to purchase $60 or more to get the freebie but since the S.A. was very kind enough she gave it to me w/ just a $35 purchase..

Also try check this page out, just some lipstick randomness..

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