Friday, May 27, 2011

Benefit Bella Bamba blush

ohaider beauties!

So, what a boring week .. watched "Glee" and i was mad, why would?... ugh! place 12th just because of a kiss?. Oh well, another season for them so yay! but still! eh, enough w/ that anyways, bought me this blush that i've been dying.. yes D-Y-I-N-G to try ever since it came out. Finally had some mulah on me and took this baby home, happy makeup booger me. lol!

cute packaging!
comes w/ a mini mirror!
smells delicious like its color!
and it comes w/ a brush!

sorry if the lighting sucks, i really need a new cam!

a peach/pink color.

what i like? everything! what is not to like on this little bad boy gurl.. it's "bella" after all. luvss!

and oh! i did them nails,,,

yes, it's pink and yellow iwas thinking of strawberry lemonade.
Acrylic nails hurt like an itch! i dunno but mr. yegurlimadoyurnail (i forgot his name. lol!) was like filing 'em like a bad mothafucka! aish~~~ i went home w/ aching thumb and point finger.. next time ima let a girl do my nails.

thnks for reading!

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