Monday, May 30, 2011

Guerlain rouge automatique - 164 chamade

"Automatically Fashionable As Coveted as an It-bag. As Precious as a gem. As Glamorous as stilettos. Automatically Innovative On first glance, you will love the elegance of this structural case. Then you will enjoy its new gesture: Click, clack, and away you go. You look at it. You guess that it is telling you something......" for more info please click HERE!

It has a very neat packaging indeed, it is also very sturdy. I like their new concept and new shades. The lipstick is very comfortable to wear, a bit glossy a bit matte, or both. It has a sophisticated fragrance which consist of fresh and floral which is a plus since the "bullet" lipstick from Guerlain is too perfume-y.

I chose the color "chamade" which is a pink rose because it looks flirty and absolutely a color that matches any age and any occasion from either usual work wear or a fun classic night out.
its a really gorgeous color! even gave it a 5 out of 5 score! this color is a must have for any skin type.

I also recieved a free gift but you have to purchase $60 or more to get the freebie but since the S.A. was very kind enough she gave it to me w/ just a $35 purchase..

Also try check this page out, just some lipstick randomness..

til next time~

Chanel CoCo Rouge shine - elise

coco rouge shine is the newest line from Chanel.

"ROUGE COCO SHINE Hydrating Sheer Lipshine provides lasting moisturizing shine in a water-light texture. The formula glides on for easy application, and a unique HYDRATENDRE complex hydrates and softens lips, giving them a healthier and fuller appearance. Available in a complete range of shades, from delicate beiges to dazzling berries, with a hint of shimmer to enhance a glossy finish."

I like how this lipstick is glossy and sheer. The only thing i dislike is that i have to layer the colors multiple times to show on my lips.

this is the color of my natural lip.

the color that i got is number 59 elise a berry rose.

this is how it looked on my lips which is a little bit unnoticeable although it gives a nice tint.

I haven't tested the staying power yet but i'm inlove of how it feels on my lips
it's not waxy or anything near a lip balm. I like how it is comfortable and it matches well w/ any occasion. I like this shade btw since it gives a brilliant shine and enough color to my lips and also it has a little bit of perfume-y smell.

thnks for reading~
til next time~

Saturday, May 28, 2011

YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ - #23 luscious pink + my mini lipstick collection


This is my first time owning a YSL ROUGE VOLUPTElipstick. I got mine in number 23 which is a color of a pink brown. I love how it is silky and smooth when applied, it also smells really good.

i'm soo digging the gold and the outside color indicates the color of the lipstick.. very convenient!

not that great pic and some shimmer in there after i swatched one of my blushes.

and how it looked on my lips,

overall, i'm really impressed, the staying power is neutral but leaves a great tint when a bit dried up.

And presenting my lipstick collection,,
a bit messy and trust me it's not that much.

I put in a container w/ a 3 divider but it doesn't really matter since i just dumped them there. I collect mostly from Mac and Paul/Joe, some are from Japanese brand and some are the high end brand.

maybe i'll start a lipstick lip swatch challenge.
until then~~ thnks for reading!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Benefit Bella Bamba blush

ohaider beauties!

So, what a boring week .. watched "Glee" and i was mad, why would?... ugh! place 12th just because of a kiss?. Oh well, another season for them so yay! but still! eh, enough w/ that anyways, bought me this blush that i've been dying.. yes D-Y-I-N-G to try ever since it came out. Finally had some mulah on me and took this baby home, happy makeup booger me. lol!

cute packaging!
comes w/ a mini mirror!
smells delicious like its color!
and it comes w/ a brush!

sorry if the lighting sucks, i really need a new cam!

a peach/pink color.

what i like? everything! what is not to like on this little bad boy gurl.. it's "bella" after all. luvss!

and oh! i did them nails,,,

yes, it's pink and yellow iwas thinking of strawberry lemonade.
Acrylic nails hurt like an itch! i dunno but mr. yegurlimadoyurnail (i forgot his name. lol!) was like filing 'em like a bad mothafucka! aish~~~ i went home w/ aching thumb and point finger.. next time ima let a girl do my nails.

thnks for reading!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Paul and Joe nail enamel


Anyways, bought me a good something-something.

I purchase me a D&G watch and P&J nail lacquers!
summer '11 nail enamel in "venus" a gorgeous sea blue with silver micro glitter.

from spring '11 nail enamel in splendor a creamy reddish pink.

i also did a little nail art featuring strawberry and chocolate..

inspired by this tutorialVIDEO!

til next time~

Monday, May 16, 2011

Japanese Magazine "Seventeen" + Liz Lisa tote

hi again!

I bought me another Japanese Mag from Tokyo Mart and really, all i wanted was a musubi but then i saw that June issue had a "Liz Lisa" tote freebie. Oh, ya'll don't know Liz Lisa? let's just say the fashion is more for the "hime gyaru" type or floral princessy type! absolutely KAWAII!

for more info please see HERE!

and also for the Guam peeps, you may pre-order Jap Magazine @ Tokyo Mart..
Sweet magazine July freebie is looking fly, who wouldn't want a Cher beach bag w/ a pouch!

check it out HERE!

until next time!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

random food blogging!


Feast your eyes on these yummies! haha!

Dinner at Shirley's after church..

they use to have the best tasting egg-drop soup but i'm not feeling this.
sampler, nothing special
honey dipped fried chicken.. didn't really taste the honey..

and some random shots taken at a farewell party..
crab and broccoli salad.. when i make this i usually add corn. :)
yeah, it's a Filipino party.. we can't get it started w/o our main.
KFC's red rice, yes it's also our tradition (in GUAM) to have this at our table.
hot wings anyone?
and of course kimchi! i love the mix daigo and cucumber, it taste really yummy!

and more... mother's day dinner @ Aji-ichi!
bento box! the only yummy item in this bento is the teriyaki chicken!
yeah my mom put the inari next to the yakisoba. lol!
california rolls, not that great! i prefer ono sush inside micro mall.
spam musubi.. yumm!

and ended it w/ taro bubble tea!

just an update on my random daily life.
thnks for reading!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Laneige "snow crystal intense" lipstick


Oemgee! it's been a while guys, didn't have anything to blog about. haha!
Anyways, i won this item that i'll be mentioning on this post, i won this at ebay with the username of "sundaylolo" i'm surely guessing he owns because he gives such great deals.. or maybe i'm wrong but yeah, i love bidding on all his items from lunasol, jill stuart, kose, etc.

I won this item and recieved it few days ago,
Laneige snow crystal intense lipstick. The bid was for two lipstick, there were more but it was on the other bid which i didn't really want because i like the colors that i was bidding on.

cute packaging! ^^

"true pink" a mauve rose pink!

"smile orange" mid tone pinkish orange (?) is there such a thing?? lol! but yeah.
my favorite color!!!

"smile orange" lipstick on my lips!

I love how it's pigmented and it doesn't leave your lips dry, it is also very moisturising. It also gives a great tint even after you wiped your lips after eating, what else to say?? a 5/5!

and just some things i bought a while back, yeah! i'm really getting into them fake nails.. haiii!

til next time~


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