Tuesday, April 12, 2011



so another year older and how else to celebrate it is sharing my fabulous 22nd birthday w/ my mom since she has the same bday as i do! yeaa.. yeah so minus the story telling and more pictures! yay!

to start off the birthday gals morning the family and friends went to a nice breakfast at SKYLIGHT located at PIC, Tumon Guam.

And then had a great shake and shaved iced at a sunny afternoon..

i swear to our father in heaven and earth this is the best.. THEEE BESTT shaved iced i've EVER tasted so far! It's perfect and soooo delicious!! Guam please try this shave ice at MOLI-MOLI located at lower Tumon.

also had some shake.. i was rooting for the match green tea to be a bit milky but it taste a little bitter. The other two were my sisters they said it was pretty good but the shaved iced stole our taste bud. lol!

and of course the bday mini haul!

Mac Nail polish from "Quite Cute" collection.. i love this shade.
finally bought me this perfume.. i own about 3 in highschool but then i stopped when i purchase another great flowery scented perfume. I couldn't help myself since this is my signature perfume. lol!
finally bought me a new wallet it's been a long time because i always use my card wallet type meant for credit card.

and also random shots taken while shopping for the above goodies!

this is such a long post.. ha!
well til next time~

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