Friday, March 25, 2011

my new favorite scent.

hello girlies!

Just a little haul of what i recently purchase from my window shopping adventure. LOL!
It was a impulse buy and i kind of regret it since i'm saving money for my birthday in 2 weeks. But ugh! I wanted them so badly.. yeah i also think about it but my urges won me over.. bleh.

Anna Sui (swe`) "flight of fantasy" and the new parfume collection from MJ.
I wanted the perfume itself but the lotion is mesmerizing.. the smell is superb!

Anna Sui is available at JP superstore (Tumon)
and DFS (Tumon) $74
Marc Jacobs is available at MJ boutique located at The Plaza $31

cheaper than Macy's and the one online.

til next time~

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