Friday, March 11, 2011

Mac "sheen supreme lipstick" and Mac "jeanius" collection and FOR JAPAN!

hello world!

Sad day today, a tragic news stormed our television across the nation.
I give all my prayers to JAPAN and all the Pacific Island to stay safe and be strong.
I live in the Pacific and we all got the warning a tragic disaster that caused not only life but the beautiful scenery of the place i saw through images that one day i will come visit. The place that also brought me so much joy from makeup to snack
to everything cultural. Rest in peace to those brave people who didn't make it and i give a great pat on the back to those who made it through and hopefully stay strong to this trial. FAITO!!

just a little input of Mac's new collection..

the packaging is uber cute! shiny plastic cover which i really like.

i got mine in "impressive" a brownish pink but online it says sheer plum.

the texture is very creamy and glides smoothly unlike their regular lipstick.

to read more info see HERE!

and also had a chance to sneak some capture at Mac counter and also did some swatches.

i'm not really feeling this collection maybe because i'm not too fond w/ blue,silver,black eyeshadows.. but their design looked gorgeous.

to read more info and see the rest of the collection please see HERE!

well that's all for now, hope everyone sends their love and prayers to Japan.

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