Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elizabeth Nude Bon Bon

hello all!

Just recently received my package! This was my most anticipated one because i was really excited to try the rest of "Elizabeth Nude Bon Bon" lipglosses. I purchase one before and i really love it and wanted to try the rest of the glosses.

They have recently changed the packaging and print of the glosses tube. They also change the gloss applicator which i find a bit uncomfortable.. I rather have the old brush applicator.
new packaging! i got number 1 and number 3
old packaging! see swatches HERE!
old print, new print.
number 3 swatch~ milky pink! a so-so color for my lips.
new applicator
old applicator which i love.

overall, i still love this lip product!
oh! also i received a mini sample from adambeauty which is a first..

it's a mini sample of juju cosmetics toner.. i've read good reviews on this.

if you would like to get your hands on these lovely lipglosses please order here

and a mini haul from goody's..
these items i usually give out as a freebie when i do have a makeup sale..
this time i purchased them for me.

thanks for reading!

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