Friday, March 25, 2011

my new favorite scent.

hello girlies!

Just a little haul of what i recently purchase from my window shopping adventure. LOL!
It was a impulse buy and i kind of regret it since i'm saving money for my birthday in 2 weeks. But ugh! I wanted them so badly.. yeah i also think about it but my urges won me over.. bleh.

Anna Sui (swe`) "flight of fantasy" and the new parfume collection from MJ.
I wanted the perfume itself but the lotion is mesmerizing.. the smell is superb!

Anna Sui is available at JP superstore (Tumon)
and DFS (Tumon) $74
Marc Jacobs is available at MJ boutique located at The Plaza $31

cheaper than Macy's and the one online.

til next time~

Monday, March 21, 2011

Paul and Joe moisturizing primer 01 and fotd! :D

hello everyone!

It's been a while since i've posted .. i hope everyone is still sending their thoughts and prayer to Japan, because, I sure am.

Anyways, tried on this product today from Paul and Joe, one of my favorite Japanese product. A while back P&J primer are hard to manage because there is no pump and it's hard to get the amount of the product you want because it is water based. But finally, P&J added a pump to their super luxurious (yep!) primer.

there is actually a golden shimmer to it but very subtle. I believe there are 3 colors to choose from, min is 01 which is a bit pinkish for brightening up the face, there's 02 which has a hint of beige color, and 03 a white liquid.

overall, i love this product and it looked really good on my fotd. lol! :P

the items used.

sorry couldn't take a much decent pic but oh well.
i used "natural eye" by too faced mosty the three on the bottom row.
for lips i used Lancome's "love it" lipstick and check out my Katy Perry's OPI nails.. hayyy~~

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mac "sheen supreme lipstick" and Mac "jeanius" collection and FOR JAPAN!

hello world!

Sad day today, a tragic news stormed our television across the nation.
I give all my prayers to JAPAN and all the Pacific Island to stay safe and be strong.
I live in the Pacific and we all got the warning a tragic disaster that caused not only life but the beautiful scenery of the place i saw through images that one day i will come visit. The place that also brought me so much joy from makeup to snack
to everything cultural. Rest in peace to those brave people who didn't make it and i give a great pat on the back to those who made it through and hopefully stay strong to this trial. FAITO!!

just a little input of Mac's new collection..

the packaging is uber cute! shiny plastic cover which i really like.

i got mine in "impressive" a brownish pink but online it says sheer plum.

the texture is very creamy and glides smoothly unlike their regular lipstick.

to read more info see HERE!

and also had a chance to sneak some capture at Mac counter and also did some swatches.

i'm not really feeling this collection maybe because i'm not too fond w/ blue,silver,black eyeshadows.. but their design looked gorgeous.

to read more info and see the rest of the collection please see HERE!

well that's all for now, hope everyone sends their love and prayers to Japan.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Clinique Lash Power Mascara+Bottom Lash Mascara

"A mascara duo with staying power. Lash Power Mascara vows to look pretty 24 hours, through rain, sweat, humidity, tears. NEW Bottom Lash Mascara is smudge-resistant and small by design-with a full 90-day supply. Both remove easily with warm water. "

I needed a new mascara since the old ones are kind of clumping and i hate clumpy finishes. Anyways, tried this dou Clinique lash power mascara and bottom lash mascara out last week and i LOVE it! It made my eyes wider and my lashes looks super natural, i know i had to purchased them.

I love the tube and the brush it makes applying them on my lashes simple since
the bigger brush tends to touch my eyeballs sometimes!

And when it says "removes easily w/ warm water" you have to follow what it says because i have tried MAC pro eye makeup remover and Lancome's eye makeup remover it didn't work... hmmm... maybe Clinique's eye makeup remover?? nah! just warm water easy as 1,2,3!

sorry for unplucked eyebrow and just had a breakout from the humidity today. ugh! i hate our weather.

thanks for reading~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elizabeth Nude Bon Bon

hello all!

Just recently received my package! This was my most anticipated one because i was really excited to try the rest of "Elizabeth Nude Bon Bon" lipglosses. I purchase one before and i really love it and wanted to try the rest of the glosses.

They have recently changed the packaging and print of the glosses tube. They also change the gloss applicator which i find a bit uncomfortable.. I rather have the old brush applicator.
new packaging! i got number 1 and number 3
old packaging! see swatches HERE!
old print, new print.
number 3 swatch~ milky pink! a so-so color for my lips.
new applicator
old applicator which i love.

overall, i still love this lip product!
oh! also i received a mini sample from adambeauty which is a first..

it's a mini sample of juju cosmetics toner.. i've read good reviews on this.

if you would like to get your hands on these lovely lipglosses please order here

and a mini haul from goody's..
these items i usually give out as a freebie when i do have a makeup sale..
this time i purchased them for me.

thanks for reading!


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