Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mac + Wonder Woman powder blush

hey all!

it's a been a long time.. again, i know.. but here i am blogging about this most anticipated (well for me) collection from MAC. The blushes and mineralized skin finish powder caught my attention. Maybe because it's a dou and the colors are pretty neat.

Anyways, i stopped by at my local Mac store inside Micronesia Mall and it wasn't showcased last friday (came out on Thursday) so i didn't bother to check but trust me i've been calling them about the collection so many times. The stock are little and they didn't have both MSF and just one blush that is available and oh! the gigantic (over exaggerated .. lol!) lipgloss w/ a gigantic applicator, the 3 palettes, all lipsticks are also available. I was bummed a little but the item i bought was sold out online and i've been eyeing on that gorgeous baby.

Super cute packaging w/ Wonder Woman's face imprinted the small box.

i love the casing, so super hero-ish!

and ah~ the gorgeous color of "mighty Aphrodite"

w/o flash

Ihe color dou is spectacular! i wore it tonight and it just gave me this lovely romantic flush. I'm really sorry i couldn't make any swatches because something is wrong w/ my camera's flash and ugh~ i was going to take a pic of my fotd but didn't have my camera on hand and my phone camera suck! overall i need a better camera lol!

I can't wait til the MSF arrived because the one i wanted is sold out online.
Thank you for reading til next time~

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