Sunday, February 27, 2011

neutral himegyaru makeup WARNING: image heavy!

products used:

(not in picture)
Smashbox photofinish primer
Neutrogena concealer
Paul and Joe powder
Paul and Joe Blush
Mac lipstick "jubilee"

Lancome Tient idole
Benefit Brightening face primer

Lavshuca swatches see Here.
Fresh mascara
sephora eyeliner
nyc waterproof eyeliner

Dior lipglow
nude bon bon in "elegant 03" see swatches Here.

I did a simple gyaru look w/ neutral shades also a big fan of gyaru (egg,popsister..etc) magazine
and wanted to recreate that cutesy princess look. enjoy!

fail at acting cute, face like this wouldn't match my voice.. i have a more serious like non squeaky cutesy voice?? lol! also did doodles and kawaiified it @

thanks for viewing~ :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lancome Color Design palettes

I saw these yesterday beautifully lined up at Lancome counter at our mall and i love the color pay-off. I wanted to get my hands on "Taupe Crazed" see HERE!, but, i have to many browns and i purchased something from Mac. Maybe this coming week when my card is fully loaded again~ :)

i love the colors!

Mac+Wonder Woman powder blush "amazon princess"

hello all!

I'm really inlove w/ Mac's Wonder Woman blush dou, so, i bought me the other blush dou in "amazon princess". I don't know why some are no feelin' it but i so am, i love the plum berry and hot pink combo. The colors works together to compliment my skin tone which i find very very good since some pink blushes don't really work for me.

now, this blush dou didn't complicate me on swatching because it's rather powdery than "mighty aphrodite" that has more silky texture.

i'm wearing the blush on my cheeks (excuse the shirt i was done doing my fotd). This blush specially the hot pink side is very very pigmented, so brush on lightly or you'll end up like someone slapped your face a couple of times.

This is also my first time use "Sheseido Intergrate" pls read HERE.
I did a smokey eye w/ a bright lipstick, i didn't want to tone my lips down. lol!
I also did a little contouring on my nose as you can see on the pic above.

The shadows are too shimmery for my liking and its supposedly brown but it looks black and white.

the items used.

Thanks for reading~ 'til next time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mac + Wonder Woman powder blush

hey all!

it's a been a long time.. again, i know.. but here i am blogging about this most anticipated (well for me) collection from MAC. The blushes and mineralized skin finish powder caught my attention. Maybe because it's a dou and the colors are pretty neat.

Anyways, i stopped by at my local Mac store inside Micronesia Mall and it wasn't showcased last friday (came out on Thursday) so i didn't bother to check but trust me i've been calling them about the collection so many times. The stock are little and they didn't have both MSF and just one blush that is available and oh! the gigantic (over exaggerated .. lol!) lipgloss w/ a gigantic applicator, the 3 palettes, all lipsticks are also available. I was bummed a little but the item i bought was sold out online and i've been eyeing on that gorgeous baby.

Super cute packaging w/ Wonder Woman's face imprinted the small box.

i love the casing, so super hero-ish!

and ah~ the gorgeous color of "mighty Aphrodite"

w/o flash

Ihe color dou is spectacular! i wore it tonight and it just gave me this lovely romantic flush. I'm really sorry i couldn't make any swatches because something is wrong w/ my camera's flash and ugh~ i was going to take a pic of my fotd but didn't have my camera on hand and my phone camera suck! overall i need a better camera lol!

I can't wait til the MSF arrived because the one i wanted is sold out online.
Thank you for reading til next time~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rimmel London glam eyes trio in "orion" +FOTD

I love these trio! it's very neutral and great for everyday.. it suck that i just came across it a week ago but awesome that i was the last person to get the last piece in the counter, so, yay me!

I love the packaging! it's tiny, sleek, and plain.. like a mixture of Kate and Visee eyeshadow palettes. It also have a direction on the back on how to apply them shadows and create amazing blend.

w/o flash

clockwise: shimmery brown w/ beige undertone, dark brown, beige pearl

w/o flash

the texture is silky and smooth.. although i wouldn't say it is much better than the old one, i'd say it's the same just revamped the packaging. I like everything about it, it blends smoothly and the colors are just perfect for each other. =)

And here's my little take on w/ the eyeshadows...


eyeshadow trio available at:
any other drugstore shop

thanks for reading!

The faceshop "kiwi yougurt pack"

hello readers!

I know, it's been a while but i'm here again blogging and doing reviews.
Hows the new year so far? i already had many up and downs and many let down
in just a month which is January. Hopefully, my luck changes this month and find me a Valentines!!

Anyways, i'm here to do a review on The Faceshop Kiwi Yogurt pack
that i recently bought just today. I saw this at "Natural by Nina" inside the mall today and oh boy! i hate how they.. ugh! i'll let you know about that later.

There's a hint of kiwi smell and some random sweet smelling fruit (hmm.. my nose is playing tricks on me!).
It's texture is yogurt like w/ somewhat like tiny kiwi chunks and when apply on skin it immediately absorb to skin.

At first there is a slight tingly sensation (ya'll know what that means!! it's working!) and then it feels cool (or maybe that's just my electric fan! lol!).
I left the mixture on my skin for exactly 10 minutes or you could leave it a little longer approx. 15-20 minutes. Wash your face w/ Luke-warm water and then pat it dry w/ a clean towel.

My skin felt smooth, soft, brighter, and smells great! i have 3 pack left so i will see how this yogurt pack perform.

Anyways, my little rant on the place i bought this item at, the owner is a middle age Korean woman and she was helping me today. What i mean by helping is keeping eye on my every move like a mothafocken surveillance. I asked her few question on this item and she just kept telling me "it's a mask for your face!" no duh! i fucken know that! and then i asked her how many minutes and how does it work because it's all written in hangul and she just keep repeating "it's mask for your face" and "i don't know" LWTF!?! So, i just took the item and move from the cosmetic area and i ask her again, i don't speak korean, i don't look korean, and for goodness sake i'm pretty sure she knows i don't read hangul! so i asked her if the item i was trying out was a "waterproof" and she grabbed the item on my hand and read the ENGLISH part to me only! and she was like "the rain.. blah blah blah" i was flabbergasted by how she was acting.. of course i could read the english part.. i told her that straight out i was so pissed and gave the other lady my item, paid for them, and walked out! I don't know if she treat all her customer like that but i'm pretty sure she doesn't give that attitude to her Japanese customer. I bought a pretty expensive item there and i didn't even received a great customer service! I highly doubt i'll ever go back there again, i warn all locals to stay away from "NATURAL BY NINA" inside micro mall.

this item is available on:


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