Friday, December 10, 2010

Shiseido Intergrate + Lavshuca 'star deco. eyes' + Lunasol lipgloss


what a long title isn't it? lol! oh well, here just to do a quick review and swatches.

from l-r: Lavshuca "star decoration eyes" in BR-2, Shiseido Integrate "sparkle over eyelids" in BR-701, and Lunasol full glamor lipstick in "shining beige 09" .

Lavshuca winter collection for 2010
really caught my attention. And not because of their cute packaging but the eyeshadow powder itself. I do love how it's pop out like 3D, not only it's unique but also reminded me of a gorgeous bling bling (hello! diamonds ladies!).

from l-r: pinkish pearl,brownish gold,champagne, and dark brown.

as always, smooth and silky powder and a very lovely colors for an everyday wear.
i rate this a pocketful of 5 stars from packaging to lovely colors.

Shiseido (integrate), this palette made me think twice because i wasn't up for the heart shaped eyeshadow but it's too cute to pass down. I fell inlove w/ the colors from first swatched, all the colors complemented each other well. lol!

sorry for my hairy arm. XD lol!
creamy matte beige, sparkly shimmery white, silky pinkish beige, gorgeous sable, and luxury brown. (yes, i made those nickname up)

i really love the packaging, mirror shine cover and white overall a simple but cute eyeshadow quad/palette.

i snagged this item really cheap on ebay.. i don't own anything from Lunasol but this lipgloss was bidding starting from $10.00 and i couldn't resist myself.

Lunasol full glamor lipgloss in "shining beige" , i really thought that this item had more pinkish pigment to it but i was wrong. it came sheer and sparkly but not too much, just perfect to top over a lipstick and it's non-sticky and super moisturizing.
i'm really glad that i snagged this cheaper than on retail, no one can beat half the price down (X2).

all item available at:

thanks! til next time.

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