Friday, December 10, 2010

mini haul!


haven't done a haul in a while so her it is, actually my sissy's x-mas gift for me!
she spent almost $200 to buy me all of these stuff so i was really thankful to her cause she knows how much of a make-up addict i am!

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Shine Lipstick in "auburn shine", Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in "Bridget B03", DIOR lip glow, and Benefit "That Gal" brightening face primer.

finally, i've been wanting this ever since i tried it on my lips, it really does brighten the lips more! i love it!

my very first Guerlain lipstick! i really wanted the primer but it was sold out. I really think every makeup addict should own at least one of Guerlain's lipstick, it is expensive but worth it!

and last but not least the primer i also wanted to try, it smells great but i don't think it works great as a primer. made my foundation grayish when i took pics and my foundation doesn't really glide smoothly.

and also! omg! i missed out on the "pink friday" by mac feat. nikki minaj, they sold out fast!!

the color looks great on her skin tone, hopefully will look great on mine too since i'm a bit on the tan side. i hate pink color but this one i can't miss so ladies, set your date on DEC.17 cause that's the last day for this gorgeous limited edition lipstick.

all cosmetics available at:


thanks for reading 'til next time!

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