Friday, December 31, 2010

hello 2011!

i'm typing this waiting for 2011 to arrive..
a new beginning, new chances, and everything else new for this new year.
my wishes for 2011 are:

-for my mom and grandma to stay strong and always be happy for this new year and for the rest of the new years to come and to always take care of their health.
-for my sisters to always stay cheerful and be fearless..
-for my little nephew to always be healthy

i wish for them to be no more sadness and bring good luck, wealth, and happiness throughout the year.

i wish for me to just enjoy life and never look back to the heart ache
and fear.. please 2011 be good to me!

i haven't decided what my new years resolution was but i came up w/ just one:
- to save money for my biggest trip ever! (and i'm not even sure where i'm going to travel.) lol!

i'm tired of making my new years resolution to lose weight and ugh! that never happened. haha! i really do hope i save a lot of money because i really want to travel either in JAPAN or Philippines (i've been there a few but never really went to see the malls and other great places my mom has been talking about).

anyways, as for my blogging, i wish for many more readers and followers
because this new year i would like to share more on beauty products i'd like to do a review on.

and to the readers, i wish for you to have a wonderful and prosperous new year!
thank you for reading my rants/thoughts/reviews and whatever i post in this blog..
have fun in 2011!!! see you laters! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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