Friday, December 31, 2010

hello 2011!

i'm typing this waiting for 2011 to arrive..
a new beginning, new chances, and everything else new for this new year.
my wishes for 2011 are:

-for my mom and grandma to stay strong and always be happy for this new year and for the rest of the new years to come and to always take care of their health.
-for my sisters to always stay cheerful and be fearless..
-for my little nephew to always be healthy

i wish for them to be no more sadness and bring good luck, wealth, and happiness throughout the year.

i wish for me to just enjoy life and never look back to the heart ache
and fear.. please 2011 be good to me!

i haven't decided what my new years resolution was but i came up w/ just one:
- to save money for my biggest trip ever! (and i'm not even sure where i'm going to travel.) lol!

i'm tired of making my new years resolution to lose weight and ugh! that never happened. haha! i really do hope i save a lot of money because i really want to travel either in JAPAN or Philippines (i've been there a few but never really went to see the malls and other great places my mom has been talking about).

anyways, as for my blogging, i wish for many more readers and followers
because this new year i would like to share more on beauty products i'd like to do a review on.

and to the readers, i wish for you to have a wonderful and prosperous new year!
thank you for reading my rants/thoughts/reviews and whatever i post in this blog..
have fun in 2011!!! see you laters! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

monthly faves + spotlight of the month + makeup item of the year!

hello girls!

just wanted to do this a early cause i know i will be busy by January to blog my "monthly faves".

so here it is:

going clockwise:

1. Lavschuca star decoration quad in BR-2, please read review HERE! i really love this quad, i love the silky, creamy, glittery lustre finish. i've been using this quad ever since i received it from the mail, i thought purchasing this item was mistake but i was wrong. it glides so easily
and blends perfectly the glitter/shimmer is minimal but you could control. the best collection Lavschuca ever made.

2. Lancome powder pencil for the brows.. pls see "spotlight of the month"

3. Elizabeth "nude bon bon" is the perfect nude shade for my skin-tone. i love how it's not sticky and i love how it is very glossy. just makes my makeup so fresh and doll like
i can't wait to try the rest of the "nude bon bon" lipgloss. for more info and review please click HERE!

4. Dior lip glow is the best lip balm i've ever discovered. i'm just amaze how this pink tube creates a supple and vibrant gorgeous tint on my lips. it goes on clear then MAGIC! it's amazing how this lip balm/gloss gives a vibrant finish on my lipstick i don't even need a gloss! this is a must have not only for 2010 but for 2011 unless i discover something even better of course.


2. Lancome powder pencil for the brows...

i got mine in "sable" i've been using this eyebrow pencil ever since i purchased it this month. what can i say?? i'm in love w/ this product.

it comes with a brush so very useful instead of looking for my brow brush that i can't seem to find today.

i wouldn't say it's waterproof or sweatproof but the other day i sweating mad and it didn't budge, it still kept my eyebrows perfectly still and shaped.

and the winner is.......

REVLON colorstay eyebrow enhancer!

i love this product the best eyebrow enhancer evahhh!!
i used this ever since the beginning of this year but i have to say goodbye to this bad boy. it's hard to find the eyebrow color i want and i pay too much just for the tinted wax (that's the only one i use not the highlighter). it was love at first swatch but i found something new and i thought i wouldn't ever trade this item for any makeup brand but my point of view changed. it is also the last glide i will ever use on my eyebrow but sad to say i will just save it for when i go travel.

this is the best makeup item i ever discover! thank you REVLON for creating this little bad boy!

all items available at:
macy's (or online)
kmart (revlon) or online.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

random blogging


so i came across this item a week ago and just recently tried it and i must say i fail big time. i mean i know how to do a mini bump hairstyle w/ my hair w/ just a bobby pin or mini clip. although, to my extensive curiosity i came across BUMPITS while browsing the non stop busy busy ROSS!! i'll get to you more on that later on.


it comes w/ 3 "bumpits" and a mini comb (not in picture) and it also comes w/ a pamphlet on how to use "bumpits".

i was a little bit annoyed because i didn't get the result that i wanted but i tried.

here's my take on creating bumps.

excuse my big forehead! lol!

i watched few videos on how to style using the "bumpits" but i don't have any hairspray w/ me and i hate the smell and feel of hairspray but i'll try it anyways.. maybe soon.

bought this item at ROSS, Tamuning Guam.
and yes here's my little rant of that place... i dislike how messy and crowded it is!
i understand it's the best place to buy branded items that is cheap and many that are bargain or steal deal but i hate how everyone treat it like its the only place that sells cheap branded stuff. i go there for footwear but sometimes it irk me how they just leave the item they tried on the floor, when i meant "they" customers like me and you. i really do hope ROSS get's more sales staff to monitor the place because it is such a big mess! i feel sorry for the people who stays late just to pick up the shirts on the floor. i wonder how KARA (korean girl group) when they came to Guam and shopped there reacted?? ... yep, so this is my little rant.
and "IF" YOU (yes any of my readers) plan on visiting Guam (i know a lot of tourist/visitor ask where is the cheapest shop for apparel and stuff, usually we let them know ROSS) there are more shopping store that are affordable (ex. papaya, lily's, macy's etc.) but if you still insist on going just have the patience.

on the other note,

i purchased this "gyaru" fake nails at "american silver" located inside Micro. Mall
for $12.99 pretty expensive but i really love the design.

i used the sticky tape instead of glue just wanted to try it on.

ahh! my fat fingers! lol!

the only thing i hate about this is that the fake nail that is meant for the thumb is huge! so a big minus on that, but, i switched it w/ the point finger fake nail as my thumb fake nail.. good thing that it came w/ extra 2 tiny fake nails that perfectly fit my pinky.
thanks for reading!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mac chatterbox+soar=pinky pinky!

hello everyone!

i've been looking for something pink ever since Mac+Ms. Nikki Minaj did a collabo w/ her album title "pink friday", also the name of her choice of lipstick. yes! i waited 'til midnight just for it to launch back again because the last sale of her limited lipstick is DEC. 17 and of course sold out like firecracker.

i had a backordered, since exciting me always wants to look at swatches on how it looks on medium/tan skin.. ugh! i was so disappointed! it reminded me so much of Lady Gaga Viva Glam lipstick and so it ends w/ a wee disappointment on my face when i called Mac's hotline to cancel my order.

anyways, that didn't stop me from getting me hot pink lippie! so i went to a nearest MAC counter (Micro. mall) and ask the S.A. what would match my skintone.. and voila!

Mac "chatterbox" bright red-pink

i really love how it looks on me..

but the S.A. also mentioned that every bright lipstick needs to tone down a bit that i needed a lip pencil to do that. (yeah! talk about aggressive selling! lol! j/k!)

so i ended up buying Mac lip pencil in "soar"...

Mac lip pencil in "soar" a pinkish/brown

here's the swatches next to each other.

and me wearing both on my lips.

'til next time girls!

Sunday, December 12, 2010 giveaway!

exciting news is having a giveaway.

she will be giving this beautiful Jill Stuart blossom blush and many more.

all you have to do is..
guess her cat's birthdate!

just take a wild guess and have fun and make sure to follow her rules!

Friday, December 10, 2010

November faves+ spotlight of the month!

hello again!

Mac's "tale a tartan" eyeshadow palette! consist of my favorite colors so far,
i love creating smokey eyes w/ these colors it just so lovely together.

this is by far my favorite lipstick from Paul&Joe, this lipstick is from their collection of summer 2010. it supposedly pink w/ gold shimmer but it's rather reddish and i'm inlove with it! <3

i did create a look using these two favorites of mine!

and also the spotlight of the month!

i love this blush! at first i thought this would look great as a highlighter but i was wrong. this blush is from Paul and Joe symphony/winter 2010 creation.

lipstick&blush available at:

mac eyeshadow:
macy's or dfs


mini haul!


haven't done a haul in a while so her it is, actually my sissy's x-mas gift for me!
she spent almost $200 to buy me all of these stuff so i was really thankful to her cause she knows how much of a make-up addict i am!

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Shine Lipstick in "auburn shine", Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in "Bridget B03", DIOR lip glow, and Benefit "That Gal" brightening face primer.

finally, i've been wanting this ever since i tried it on my lips, it really does brighten the lips more! i love it!

my very first Guerlain lipstick! i really wanted the primer but it was sold out. I really think every makeup addict should own at least one of Guerlain's lipstick, it is expensive but worth it!

and last but not least the primer i also wanted to try, it smells great but i don't think it works great as a primer. made my foundation grayish when i took pics and my foundation doesn't really glide smoothly.

and also! omg! i missed out on the "pink friday" by mac feat. nikki minaj, they sold out fast!!

the color looks great on her skin tone, hopefully will look great on mine too since i'm a bit on the tan side. i hate pink color but this one i can't miss so ladies, set your date on DEC.17 cause that's the last day for this gorgeous limited edition lipstick.

all cosmetics available at:


thanks for reading 'til next time!

Shiseido Intergrate + Lavshuca 'star deco. eyes' + Lunasol lipgloss


what a long title isn't it? lol! oh well, here just to do a quick review and swatches.

from l-r: Lavshuca "star decoration eyes" in BR-2, Shiseido Integrate "sparkle over eyelids" in BR-701, and Lunasol full glamor lipstick in "shining beige 09" .

Lavshuca winter collection for 2010
really caught my attention. And not because of their cute packaging but the eyeshadow powder itself. I do love how it's pop out like 3D, not only it's unique but also reminded me of a gorgeous bling bling (hello! diamonds ladies!).

from l-r: pinkish pearl,brownish gold,champagne, and dark brown.

as always, smooth and silky powder and a very lovely colors for an everyday wear.
i rate this a pocketful of 5 stars from packaging to lovely colors.

Shiseido (integrate), this palette made me think twice because i wasn't up for the heart shaped eyeshadow but it's too cute to pass down. I fell inlove w/ the colors from first swatched, all the colors complemented each other well. lol!

sorry for my hairy arm. XD lol!
creamy matte beige, sparkly shimmery white, silky pinkish beige, gorgeous sable, and luxury brown. (yes, i made those nickname up)

i really love the packaging, mirror shine cover and white overall a simple but cute eyeshadow quad/palette.

i snagged this item really cheap on ebay.. i don't own anything from Lunasol but this lipgloss was bidding starting from $10.00 and i couldn't resist myself.

Lunasol full glamor lipgloss in "shining beige" , i really thought that this item had more pinkish pigment to it but i was wrong. it came sheer and sparkly but not too much, just perfect to top over a lipstick and it's non-sticky and super moisturizing.
i'm really glad that i snagged this cheaper than on retail, no one can beat half the price down (X2).

all item available at:

thanks! til next time.


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