Friday, November 19, 2010

Principessa lipgloss

hello everyone!

been meaning to do a little review on this super cute lipgloss that i recently tried out.

a cute simple packaging!

the mini tube/lipgloss packaging is similar to MAC's lipglasses.

i never really heard of this brand just when i stopped by at this store inside Micronesia Mall and i love how everything is pink by the way! this lipgloss has the lip plumping effect except the stingy sensation, so i reached out for one and wanted to try it out.. i was sold and bought it! i had no guilt of purchasing this, so thank you lawd! hehe!

there are more colors to choose from, i got mine in "naked pink" since it was the only gloss that has sparkles in it! for more colors please see HERE!

"naked pink" comes out brownish pink but when applied is super sheer and super glossy, reminds me so much of DIOR lipglosses. this gloss also earned extra point from me because it's not sticky at all and oh! no stingy sensation!

"Drench your lips with moisture, shine & gorgeous sheer color with our unique formulation that works both as a lip gloss and balm. Shea Butter & Vitamin E saturate your pucker while the addition of maxi lip gently enhances lips with no stinging. You'll love this non-sticky, non-greasy must have item! "

-taken from

overall, i really like this gloss it may come a little bit pricey than MAC's lipglass
but hey it's worth every penny because this is a really great product!

available at: Javani Beauty inside Micronesia Mall ($17.00)
also available at: ($16.00 + S&H)

anyways, there's a new coffee house located near our local Mall called "Port of Mocha". they opened about 2 weeks ago i believe and today was my first time trying out their super delicious "CHAIS". if you don't know what "chai" is, it's meaning is "spiced tea" and no! not chili peppers! its a black tea mixed w/ tea, honey, milk, and cinnamon but my ordered substitute w/ a green tea mixture.

just looking at this pic makes me drool!!

i had to ask few question about their green tea chai since there are two kinds.
i ordered me "dragonfly green tea" tasted so UMAII!!! (good!!) it's so rich and creamy but not too sweet. one sip and i thought i was in heaven, it's that good!! lol!

and also tried their homemade blueberry scone,

nutty, chewy, and scrumptious, really tasty and super good!

overall, my first experience w/ P.O.M. coffee house is satisfying, i can't wait to get my hand on that "dragonfly green tea" again!

located at:
Micronesia Mall foodcourt
near i-connect.

til next time~

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