Tuesday, November 30, 2010

japanese cosmetics

hello everyone!

been meaning to post a super long entry cause i've been gone for too long. lol!
well, decided to just post and do a review on each product.

anyways, just tried these cute products that didn't budge my wallet or anything,
i actually feel proud that i didn't even splurge on lipglosses. ugh! i'm addicted to lippies and i will get 'em even though i know that i won't be using them often.

i spent $8.75 all together.

i've been to their website but i can't seem to figure out what the link is. i will surely get back to you on that.

now, the 3 lipglosses are like for plumping but no stingy sensation, super glossy
and smells quite nice, it only came with 3 colors. i love the orange/peach color
since it just adds a little hint of color on my lips and let all the glossy do the talking.... or popping. haha!

the beige looking color is from a brand called "mio picollo", i find the smell of the gloss a little unpleasant maybe because of the lavender smell. and also maybe because of the thought of having the same smell as my car freshener made me irk.

sorry for the low quality.

overall, i loved how all of them are not sticky and oh! cheap too!
i also love how the store carries many fake lashes that are cheap and reusable.

i always purchase my fake lashes there and all my Japanese snacks craving.

all product available at:
Oka, Tamuning (near oka payless) everything $1.75

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Eli said...

Ooh, I never saw lip gloss at Goody's Store before! Yeah, I love how they carry so many kinds of lashes now. Nice and cheap! :)

Nice review! I'll look for the lip gloss the next time I go there. ;)


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