Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kose "Visee" blossom eyes + nude bonbon lipgloss

hello everyone!

i don't own anything from Kose but their "Visee" blossom eyeshadow palette had me drooling from time to time. but when their new collection "royal party" came out made me even furious! since i already received the blossom palette from adambeauty.com and the new item from "Visee" has already been sold out in just 2 days! yes, that fast! but don't worry ladies there are more site that sell the new item just that a little more expensive than adambeauty.com

these are the two i purchase, i hate splurging on items that i cannot see the true colors. i mean pictures of them aren't enough but actually spreading and seeing the colors on the skintone is much better.

i got mine in BR-5 the only neutral/warm palette.

brown, pearl, beige, champagne, and dark brown

i wasn't sure on how to use all of them but i tried.

sorry for the messy eyebrow =)

and just to imply how good the "firebird" mascara is from my recent "monthly faves"
just look how long my lashes are.. and no clump!

just wanted to mention it! lol!

product used:
3 colors from the quad/palette
Fresh 'firebird' mascara
sephora liquid eyeliner

Elizabeth "Nude Bon Bon" in "elegant beige" the darkest color of the 4. i also purchase this item at adambeauty.com

a brownish/pink but when applied on lips the color is subtle.
it's a thick consistency but non-sticky this gloss really adds wonder on my lips,
very porcelain doll like. i love it!

all items available at: adambeauty.com
(except the mascara, UDPP, and eyeliner)

thank you!

japanese cosmetics

hello everyone!

been meaning to post a super long entry cause i've been gone for too long. lol!
well, decided to just post and do a review on each product.

anyways, just tried these cute products that didn't budge my wallet or anything,
i actually feel proud that i didn't even splurge on lipglosses. ugh! i'm addicted to lippies and i will get 'em even though i know that i won't be using them often.

i spent $8.75 all together.

i've been to their website but i can't seem to figure out what the link is. i will surely get back to you on that.

now, the 3 lipglosses are like for plumping but no stingy sensation, super glossy
and smells quite nice, it only came with 3 colors. i love the orange/peach color
since it just adds a little hint of color on my lips and let all the glossy do the talking.... or popping. haha!

the beige looking color is from a brand called "mio picollo", i find the smell of the gloss a little unpleasant maybe because of the lavender smell. and also maybe because of the thought of having the same smell as my car freshener made me irk.

sorry for the low quality.

overall, i loved how all of them are not sticky and oh! cheap too!
i also love how the store carries many fake lashes that are cheap and reusable.

i always purchase my fake lashes there and all my Japanese snacks craving.

all product available at:
Oka, Tamuning (near oka payless) everything $1.75

Friday, November 26, 2010


hello readers!

so sorry won't be doing much reviews this coming week,
i have so much lined up for ya'll.

including tons of japanese cosmetics that just came in my mailbox.

please stay tuned!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Principessa lipgloss

hello everyone!

been meaning to do a little review on this super cute lipgloss that i recently tried out.

a cute simple packaging!

the mini tube/lipgloss packaging is similar to MAC's lipglasses.

i never really heard of this brand just when i stopped by at this store inside Micronesia Mall and i love how everything is pink by the way! this lipgloss has the lip plumping effect except the stingy sensation, so i reached out for one and wanted to try it out.. i was sold and bought it! i had no guilt of purchasing this, so thank you lawd! hehe!

there are more colors to choose from, i got mine in "naked pink" since it was the only gloss that has sparkles in it! for more colors please see HERE!

"naked pink" comes out brownish pink but when applied is super sheer and super glossy, reminds me so much of DIOR lipglosses. this gloss also earned extra point from me because it's not sticky at all and oh! no stingy sensation!

"Drench your lips with moisture, shine & gorgeous sheer color with our unique formulation that works both as a lip gloss and balm. Shea Butter & Vitamin E saturate your pucker while the addition of maxi lip gently enhances lips with no stinging. You'll love this non-sticky, non-greasy must have item! "

-taken from principessabeauty.com

overall, i really like this gloss it may come a little bit pricey than MAC's lipglass
but hey it's worth every penny because this is a really great product!

available at: Javani Beauty inside Micronesia Mall ($17.00)
also available at: principessa.com ($16.00 + S&H)

anyways, there's a new coffee house located near our local Mall called "Port of Mocha". they opened about 2 weeks ago i believe and today was my first time trying out their super delicious "CHAIS". if you don't know what "chai" is, it's meaning is "spiced tea" and no! not chili peppers! its a black tea mixed w/ tea, honey, milk, and cinnamon but my ordered substitute w/ a green tea mixture.

just looking at this pic makes me drool!!

i had to ask few question about their green tea chai since there are two kinds.
i ordered me "dragonfly green tea" tasted so UMAII!!! (good!!) it's so rich and creamy but not too sweet. one sip and i thought i was in heaven, it's that good!! lol!

and also tried their homemade blueberry scone,

nutty, chewy, and scrumptious, really tasty and super good!

overall, my first experience w/ P.O.M. coffee house is satisfying, i can't wait to get my hand on that "dragonfly green tea" again!

located at:
Micronesia Mall foodcourt
near i-connect.

til next time~

Saturday, November 6, 2010

October Faves + spotlight of the month

It seems like i've been lacking post on my monthly faves, anyways, today i have all the time in the world to make up for it.

October seems to be my lazy month i just couldn't use as much makeup on my face that I fancy since i wake up late often, which i should stop doing, I need to wake up early starting tomorrow! (hopefully!) lol!

1. Laneige single eyeshadow, it has a subtle shimmer when applied. It is very sheer
when applied to the lids but the shimmer makes up for it.

this shadow also has a mini mirror on the backside.

It's a little pinkish/beige.. I purchased this eyeshadow at "korean cosmetic" store near UIU building in Tamuning, Ypao Road. It's where the copy xpress at but behind the building the owner is a middle age Korean woman and she also carries many different Koren brands (etude house, laneige, missha, etc..) that is at reasonable price and you may also negotiate.

2. Lancome Teint Idole Fresh has become one my most favorite foundation! please read HERE for more info.

3. Fresh Magic Wands mascara also made my list last month of October. I got this with the rest of the items my sis got me from her trip to Hawaii, it's the best mascara i've ever used! It doesn't clump and looks natural when applied on. I got the dou but i think "firebird" (the one on the pic) is the best one.

This product is not locally available, sephora.com don't ship in our area , and the only option is ebay.

4. Mac lipstick and lipglass (see spotlight of the month)

5. Mac blot powder in "medium dark". I really love this powder keeps my face shine-free all day. It goes on sheer and absorb with your foundation afterward, this item i must say is "must have".

Saved the best for last! I love any lipstick from Mac and dislike the lipglass because it's either sticky or gunky. But, when finding the perfect match to go w/ your lipstick is a match made in heaven! Seriously, i love this dou more than any other lipstick i own.

Creme in your cup lipstick and Nymphette lipglass both are wearable for everyday wear. The lipstick is not too dark but gives you just a pop of color which i really like.

the lipstick is a mid-tone pink brown and the lipglass is a sunny golden pink.. put them together and..

you get this lovely shade.

all mac products are available at: Macy's, DFS, or maccosmetics.com ($14.00 -$14.50)
Laneige eyeshadow availabe at: (pls see the details above this products info) ($5-$10)
Fresh mascara available at: ebay.com ($5 or more)
Lancome availabe at: Macy's or DFS ($34.00)

thank you for reading!

Mac kids helping kids "Sir Teddy"

hello everyone!

Finally received my limited edition bear from Mac's 2010 holiday collection called"SIR TEDDY" which is available in a bigger version or a smaller version with a clip. I actually feel really grateful with my purchase because 100% of this sale are donated to kids around the world who are affected w/ HIV/AIDS. I purchased the small teddy w/ a clip on because i thought it would really look cute hanging on my purse!

^ so cute!

This is not available in any of our local Mac counter but online, make a difference and purchase one.. or TWO!

free shipping code: KILTS

Anyways, I'm a sucker for any cosmetic that is made in ASIA! So, when i saw Maybelline's Eyestudio "lasting drama gel" I was so eager to buy one since it was a different packaging!

^tin can cover!

Same formula and same brush applicator but the gel liner packaging is w/ a tin can!
Nothing special perse but this gel liner does it job really well, kept it's promise of 24hr smudgeproof! So this product is definitely worth buying either the paper w/ plastic cover packaging or this packaging!

this product is available at any: ABC store ($11.99)
and also: kmart (the paper/plastic cover.)

thank you!


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