Friday, October 22, 2010

steal deals!

hello everyone!

today i had fun shopping at an employee event! such great great prices and everyone seems to knock everyone down (well, not literally maybe taking the whole space) at the DIOR cosmetic area. lol! all the items from DIOR were only wait for it.... $0.50 cents!!! and few of the items were discontinued or we no longer carry. most are made in Japan and France so def. legit!

i apologized for such low quality pictures, i didn't have my camera w/ me:

haha! my Chanel gift box! this box came w/ a set and only cost $2.00!

these were all the goodies inside the box.

my DIOR addict lipstick beautifully lined up~ and the 3 on top are nail polishes.

these two shadows came w/ the Chanel set and a lipliner, blush, and lipstick (not on the pic).

samples/tester that was also on sale.

all the items were in brand new like condition and also smells great ( i know what ya'll thinking, "isn't expired?" my answer "NOT AT ALL!") if the item looks great, apply great, smells great then the product in in very good condition.

overall, spent $10.50! i was hoping to get more~

until next time!

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