Friday, October 8, 2010

Paul and Joe 2010 Holiday Creation

hello readers!

just came back from window shopping and found Paul and Joe 2010 holiday creation. consist of beautiful floral print and super cute makeup collection.

i bought me the face and lip set which consist of a shimmery powder blush, gradient lip gloss and a cute powder wand or puff . SEE HERE. the holiday creation also consist of lip and eye set, color enamel, and pressed powder dou. i wanted the lip and eye set but the face set really caught my attention.

sorry for the blurry/LQ pictures:

it comes in a pretty floral printed box and i got mine in "symphony #001".

and these are the item that comes w/ the set.

it also comes w/ a pretty floral printed drawstring bag, perfect for a makeup bag or use it as a wrist pouch.

here is a pic of the face powder/blush. consist of pearly white, browns, plum,pink color and when applied to face it's really sheer and shimmery. great to use as a highlight but not so much as a blush, maybe if you have a lighter skin. the pink "002" consist of much brighter color pink, red, orange and also shimmery.

the puff wand is supposed to be use as applicator for the face powder/blush.
although i rather use a kabuki brush but its just to cute not to use! lol!.

gradient lipgloss in gold.. when applied its clear but it has gold and silver glitter. ( i think its pink and blue not sure.) but i won't be able to swatch this item because sadly i just wanted the face color maybe i'll be putting it on sale.

anyways i rate this 4.5/5 since its too pricey. (price $42.00 US dollars)
this item is available @ DFS galleria (for Guam people)

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