Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can-Cam Dec. 2010 mook + MAC "a tartan tale"

hello everyone!

got off from work and picked up my very first Japanese "mook" i believe that's what it's called. lol! i never thought i'd be purchasing one since it's just a magazine w/ words i can't understand. but the freebies caught my attention!

this is December of 2010 issue and at the top right corner is the freebie that comes with it!

you guessed it right! it's KITSON!

i thought i was getting two freebie, a wallet and a tote.. turned out it's a fold-able tote bag! very kawaii!

this is how it looked spread out.. super cute indeed!

and as of today OCT. 28, 2010 the new collection from MAC "a tartan tale" is officially out! i pre-purchase the "6 dashing lassies" eyeshadow quad.. comes w/ neutral and coppery browns which i find super "dashing".

the new issue of Can-Cam magazine also featured the new Mac collection.

i really thought some of the colors were the same from last year's quad, but i thought wrong! these were really pretty colors! (swatches coming soon!)

scans of the new Mac collection and modeling the bags, which are very very cute by the way!

and also there is a super cute teddy bear that also is part of the new Mac collection and every cents of purchase of those item here! goes directly to women, men and kids with HIV/AIDS funds! it's super cute too! if you would like to help out you may use this code for free shipping code: MACGIFT.

Japanese mooks available at: TOKYO MART (near cost-u-less) in Tamuning. ($14.50 only 3 left)
Mac "a tartan tale" available at: Macy's and DFS (ranges from $14-$50)
Mac sir teddy: only available online (ranges from $12-$36)

anyways, the i'm in love w/ Frozen Yogurt! now that it is available at Micronesia Mall.. it's the best thing that ever happened! lol! since i lived close to our local mall.

frozen yogurt (mixed yogurt consist of: "death by chocolate", taro, and strawberry) generously topped with soft mini mochi cubes, oreo, and pecan nuts.

"Tutti Frutti" is located second floor near "coffee beanery"

sorry such a long post. till next time!


Bogdan Burca said...

Hello, My name is Bogdan from Romania!
My blog address is:
Can we be friends??
Thank you!!
For those who do not understand use Google Translate (top right) and select your language!!!

Eli said...

Hi! I'm a new reader and I have to say that your blog is great, especially since there are so few Guam-based blogs. ^^ I'm definitely following your blog--keep up the great work and awesome reviews!

Oh and by the way.. CanCam isn't considered a mook but a regular magazine. ^^ A mook usually refers to a magazine/catalog+book of a single brand. It's usually very hard to get a hold of the magazines at Tokyo Mart.. so I just subscribe. =v=''


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