Friday, September 10, 2010

Anna Sui Protective Face Primer L

hello readers!

long time no blogging~ hehe! it's been a while doing this and that..
anyways, i love primers, from eyeshadow primers to foundation primers.. is a must have in my makeup stash. today just browsing at DFS and saw a primer, tried it out, and bought it.. it's Anna Sui "Protective Foundation Primer" which is part of their spring 2010 collection.

"The must have makeup primer for ultimate shine control and sun protection! A makeup base for layering to create a transparent veil over the skin to give an utmost even foundation. Let the creation of a flawless porcelain skin begins with this magical base!
(SPF 35, PA++)"
- taken from

it's a gel type base that is smooth and silky that dries to a matte finish. also, it has a flowery smell most likely a rose.

i really like how it feels afterward.. makes my skin brighter and makes my foundation apply smoothly. the best thing is that it has spf and "L" which means long lasting power.

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