Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mac Villains

hey readers!

today was great having two days ago was so much worst than i expected
car accident and microwave accident.. maybe the "evil queen" had put a spell on me.. cue my little scenarion: dun dun dun...

"mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?" asked evil queen to her magic mirror. "it is kandybites.. etc..etc" replied the magic mirror...... okkk

yeah.. LOL! anyways so excited today cause MAC villains is OUT!! and almost SOLD OUT!!
it was mad crazy at MACY's today from tourist to locals going wild about these really mad cute packaging of their new collection. i was there around 11:00 and "evil queen" collection has coming down to almost SOLD OUT! i got two items from the collection which are the most wanted of them all!!

these two are sold out online and at Macy's (GUAM) maybe try online or (or for locals try DFS.)

blush in "bite of an apple" its a peach/red/orangey matte blush. super pigmented the SA lady lightly swept the color w/ a brush on my cheeks and the color just pop beautifully. i have a tan/medium skin color and this blush is amazing for our skintones! a MUST HAVE!!

lipglass in "strange potion" peachy/orangey sheer color.. and again, really lovely color for tan/medium skin tones. i'm glad the S.A. gave me her honest opinion cause i wanted Cruella's "devilishly stylish" which is light pink but she shook her head and said "a pop of color matches more on you".

overall spent $35 for these two and i'm not sure of spending more on the collections.. maybe i will try Maleficent's eyeshadow dou "my dark magic" not anytime soon though.

just thought it was cute cause gleeks has their own little corner of GLEE merchandises and yes! i'm a GLEEK!

and because i loved her performance from last night's episode Ms. Brittany S. Pierce

thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

happy weekend.

hello readers!

it's been quite a while. I apologized on so much delay on my makeup reviews..
today isn't about makeup but will do a review asap if i do have a makeup in hand.

anyways, HAPPY SUNDAY! ending of the weekend.. went to FUJI ICHIBAN earlier today
it was PACKED! but waiting for hours in line is so WORTH it. All visitors from off island should stop by to try out their famous "karage" it's a season fried chicken..
now they offer variety of flavor.. i love the original but the new ones are so much better.

seriously! the best rice i've ever eaten. i make a killer boiled rice but i love how i taste a hint of green tea on this one. ($0.75 for a bowl.)

i love how we can choose an option on what to put on out yakisoba.. spam or thinly sliced meat. ($6.25 not really sure about the price on this one)

sweet and sour chicken ($4.95 i believe) taste UMAII! (GOOD!)

best so far! i love the mayo! its so flavorful this should be eaten w/ no other than rice. ($4.95) very OISHIII!! (DELICIOUS!)

every weekend this place is packed! there are two location but the other one is rather small and they don't serve yakisoba unlike the main. this is located at lower Tumon San Vitores Road.

also tried a delicious pastry from beard papa (i'm really not sure what to call it)
its a cream puff pastry instead of filled w/ the yummy cream filling its stuffed w/ crab and bacon w/ a flavorful seasoning. now, you all know Beard Papa has the famous cream puff pastry that just melts in the mouth but the crab/bacon combination is to die for!!
its heaven! ($2.50)
they fill it up real good! its really a delicacy rather than a stuffed pastry.

there are also many variety to choose from
curry tuna
mango crab
curry crab
mango tuna
crab bacon

Beard Papa is located inside Guam Premier Plaza. and also try their mochi
and Mango ice or Green tea ice~


nothing can go wrong if "YOU DON'T KNOW JACQUES!"

thnks for reading!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Anna Sui Protective Face Primer L

hello readers!

long time no blogging~ hehe! it's been a while doing this and that..
anyways, i love primers, from eyeshadow primers to foundation primers.. is a must have in my makeup stash. today just browsing at DFS and saw a primer, tried it out, and bought it.. it's Anna Sui "Protective Foundation Primer" which is part of their spring 2010 collection.

"The must have makeup primer for ultimate shine control and sun protection! A makeup base for layering to create a transparent veil over the skin to give an utmost even foundation. Let the creation of a flawless porcelain skin begins with this magical base!
(SPF 35, PA++)"
- taken from

it's a gel type base that is smooth and silky that dries to a matte finish. also, it has a flowery smell most likely a rose.

i really like how it feels afterward.. makes my skin brighter and makes my foundation apply smoothly. the best thing is that it has spf and "L" which means long lasting power.


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