Monday, August 23, 2010

Sephora Haul

So my older sis just came back from the mainland and bought me some make-up goodies
from sephora!!

left clockwise: urban decay "eden", 2 beauty rush from V.S. , fresh mascara (deluxe sample), and the new collection palette from sephora.

"kiss from 10" you may also find variety of colors @sephora site.

i was really hoping she'd get me the "NAKED" palette from Urban Decay but i guess
it slipped out her mind when she saw this.

"kiss from 10" consist of shade from copper to brown, it's shimmer is just minimum and very pigmented! the last bottom row of the shadow is a dark brown matte for lining.. (i know it has a subtle shimmer on the pic but really is matte).

i also got Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in"EDEN". A creamy beige color that when smooth out it dries to a matte finish. I think i like this primer better than the original one.

and lastly, my sis also bought me makeup from Victoria's secret beauty rush!

she got me Liquid Glitter Liner in "Liquid Metal" and Wet/dry shadow in "hot ginger"

"hot ginger" is a peachy color similar to MAC "all the glitters"
i really like the color and very pigmented too! as for the liquid liner i'm not a fan of metallic finish but it doesn't look bad and the staying power is great!

she also gave me "FRESH" mascara sample from sephora but might do a different
post on that.

til' next time.. though i really did hope she bought me the "NAKED" palette. lol!

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