Saturday, August 7, 2010

Paul&Joe Moisturizing mist & Mac digi dazzle

Hello dear readers,

i've been wanting to try this out for the longest time Paul and Joe moisturizing mist and also because i've ran out of fix+.

this could be worn over or under makeup.

what i like about this product is that it leaves my skin smooth, supple, and radiant. it makes a lot of difference spraying over foundation, instead of leaving that chapped blotchy application, it smooth it out. it also leaves my skin refreshed and smells nice too!

anyways, checked out Mac counter at Macy's and saw the new line "digi dazzle" lipstick.

bought "glaringly hip" and the color is light peach.

the only thing i hate about this is the shimmer.

the shimmer consist of pink and silver and when applied its way too many.
i wouldn't dare wear this as an everyday lipwear but maybe for parties or clubbing.

also, i have been using this mascara for a couple of weeks now...
i really like this mascara... although it doesn't really live up to the name "falsies" and the wand is kind of wobbly when applying. i still like this item thought because it creates a natural lashes for my taste but buildable to thicker more dramatic look.

anyways, along w/ my purchase for the P&J i also bought me an earring from Juicy Couture.

till next time~

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