Saturday, August 21, 2010

P&J C lipstick autumn creation

hello readers!

anyways been waiting for a long time just for Paul & Joe autumn creation to hit our local store. AND.... about 2 days ago i see 'em all neatly lined up at a gorgeous P&J stall at my work.

P&J beaute done it again w/ not only simply amazing yet elegant design but came up w/ our dear Japanese customer exclaming "KAWAII!!!".

the collection comes with:

3 shades for eyes and face color, 5 color spectrum that sparkles like the moon and stars. and this baby is as tiny as a elf studio blush powder if you know what i'm talking about.

and it also comes w/ waterproof eye pencil that also sparkles.

and this is the item that everyone went gaga over.

it's a lipstick that its shaped like a cat's head.. it was super cute.
some may find it absurd but some .. like me.. find it cute and i like cats!

it comes w/ three different shade.. i couldn't take a photo of the swatches
cause the store prohibit cameras for some reason.. i purchased 067 "over the moon" a pink peach color w/ a subtle shimmer that goes sheer to a buildable color matches my skintone the most. the two other colors, one is a brownish pink that matches the color of my lips which i didn't like and the other one is a much deeper color brownish red. all of them has a subtle shimmer and goes on sheer to builadble color.

this is how "over the moon" looks like when swatched.

since i'm only loving this lipstick i only purchased this item and the eyeshadow,yes, the brown colors are on hold for me.

overall, i really think P&J beaute did a wonderful job w/ this collection, everything from design to color are just simply amazing. this item is also available at

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anthea said...

I really wanted that..:(( I don't have the budget though(so expensive...T_T) and I don't think it's available anymore...the cat is just super cute...


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