Friday, August 27, 2010

BB Cream now availabe on GUAM!

hello fellow Guam beauty bloggers!
great news for those BB cream addicts, its now available @ JP SUPERSTORE.
there were so many brands.. mostly from DR. JART, SKIN79 (prestige, oriental gold, etc.) and HANSKIN!
the prices ranges to $24-$45 and the cheapest is about $5.. its a small kind of like a sample which i purchased today!

it comes w/ a cellphone strap.

these BB creams are much cheaper than the one online.. the Prestige Skin79 BB cream price is about $28 while online is like $30-$40 and yes it's a full bottle!

i could do a survey anybody interested?please post here.

til next time~

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is it true that it is ONLY $5?!?! When was this? And that JP store is in tumon right? near Guam Palace? Sorry, I'm super new in guam :)


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