Friday, August 27, 2010

BB Cream now availabe on GUAM!

hello fellow Guam beauty bloggers!
great news for those BB cream addicts, its now available @ JP SUPERSTORE.
there were so many brands.. mostly from DR. JART, SKIN79 (prestige, oriental gold, etc.) and HANSKIN!
the prices ranges to $24-$45 and the cheapest is about $5.. its a small kind of like a sample which i purchased today!

it comes w/ a cellphone strap.

these BB creams are much cheaper than the one online.. the Prestige Skin79 BB cream price is about $28 while online is like $30-$40 and yes it's a full bottle!

i could do a survey anybody interested?please post here.

til next time~

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sephora Haul

So my older sis just came back from the mainland and bought me some make-up goodies
from sephora!!

left clockwise: urban decay "eden", 2 beauty rush from V.S. , fresh mascara (deluxe sample), and the new collection palette from sephora.

"kiss from 10" you may also find variety of colors @sephora site.

i was really hoping she'd get me the "NAKED" palette from Urban Decay but i guess
it slipped out her mind when she saw this.

"kiss from 10" consist of shade from copper to brown, it's shimmer is just minimum and very pigmented! the last bottom row of the shadow is a dark brown matte for lining.. (i know it has a subtle shimmer on the pic but really is matte).

i also got Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in"EDEN". A creamy beige color that when smooth out it dries to a matte finish. I think i like this primer better than the original one.

and lastly, my sis also bought me makeup from Victoria's secret beauty rush!

she got me Liquid Glitter Liner in "Liquid Metal" and Wet/dry shadow in "hot ginger"

"hot ginger" is a peachy color similar to MAC "all the glitters"
i really like the color and very pigmented too! as for the liquid liner i'm not a fan of metallic finish but it doesn't look bad and the staying power is great!

she also gave me "FRESH" mascara sample from sephora but might do a different
post on that.

til' next time.. though i really did hope she bought me the "NAKED" palette. lol!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear foundation

hello readers!

purchased this 2 days ago and get to try it out yesterday Lancome Teint Idole foundation. i've been looking for something that will last for hours even though i sweat and been reading allure magazine lately and saw the ad of this many times. i wanted to give it a try and lucky me Macy's were giving a GWP w/ purchase of $32 or more. SWEET~!!!

it comes in a tube which i find useless because since this item is a waterbase the liquid is runny.

it does what it says in here!! i wore the foundation around 7:30 in the morning and by 3 in the afternoon my face stayed matte and a little bit oily which is a no problem since i just blot it w/ my powder.

i got mine in W9 "bisque" which is a dark yellow similar to NC42.

i had two SA opinion, since i purchased the item pre-sale (due to the GWP waited for a bout a week to get this item but payments are on hold and when received the GWP the payment is automatically taken out at your card and all you have to do is pick your item up) the first SA recommended this color to me. i was skeptical at first and when its time for my item to be picked up i asked another SA, thnk god she's a makeup director, also recommend the color to me.

thi sis how it looked evenly spread out, the SA applied the foundation on my face w/ a lancome foundation brush and applied the mineral powder after. it looked great but not my wallet. haha! maybe next time i'll purchased the item she used on my face cause it really looked flawless.

last for how many hours
covers uneven skintone
cover redness
cover scarring

packaging (i don't like the idea of the tube if the item is runny)
my face comes oily after hours

overall, i'd purchase this item again i really like this foundation because i don't feel like i'm wearing any foundation.


forgot to mention the GWP that came w/ it! i'm really loving the lipstick.. duh! it's called "LOVE IT!" it's a light pink color that goes on sheer but buildable color, it reminds me so much of my Mac Lady Gaga lipstick!

and i chose the eyeshadow quad instead of the lotion and... because i'm loving the colors!

here are the rest of item that came w/ the GWP, i wanted to try the face cream but i read on few blogs that my skin is still to young to react for this kind of solutions and maybe also because i still see no wrinkles. i'll purchase maybe when i turn 25 cause i hear that it is very good i also had no other option to switch to something else, oh well.

my favorite by far is the eyelash primer.. makes my lashes extra long!

thanks for reading 'til next time~

P&J C lipstick autumn creation

hello readers!

anyways been waiting for a long time just for Paul & Joe autumn creation to hit our local store. AND.... about 2 days ago i see 'em all neatly lined up at a gorgeous P&J stall at my work.

P&J beaute done it again w/ not only simply amazing yet elegant design but came up w/ our dear Japanese customer exclaming "KAWAII!!!".

the collection comes with:

3 shades for eyes and face color, 5 color spectrum that sparkles like the moon and stars. and this baby is as tiny as a elf studio blush powder if you know what i'm talking about.

and it also comes w/ waterproof eye pencil that also sparkles.

and this is the item that everyone went gaga over.

it's a lipstick that its shaped like a cat's head.. it was super cute.
some may find it absurd but some .. like me.. find it cute and i like cats!

it comes w/ three different shade.. i couldn't take a photo of the swatches
cause the store prohibit cameras for some reason.. i purchased 067 "over the moon" a pink peach color w/ a subtle shimmer that goes sheer to a buildable color matches my skintone the most. the two other colors, one is a brownish pink that matches the color of my lips which i didn't like and the other one is a much deeper color brownish red. all of them has a subtle shimmer and goes on sheer to builadble color.

this is how "over the moon" looks like when swatched.

since i'm only loving this lipstick i only purchased this item and the eyeshadow,yes, the brown colors are on hold for me.

overall, i really think P&J beaute did a wonderful job w/ this collection, everything from design to color are just simply amazing. this item is also available at

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Paul&Joe Moisturizing mist & Mac digi dazzle

Hello dear readers,

i've been wanting to try this out for the longest time Paul and Joe moisturizing mist and also because i've ran out of fix+.

this could be worn over or under makeup.

what i like about this product is that it leaves my skin smooth, supple, and radiant. it makes a lot of difference spraying over foundation, instead of leaving that chapped blotchy application, it smooth it out. it also leaves my skin refreshed and smells nice too!

anyways, checked out Mac counter at Macy's and saw the new line "digi dazzle" lipstick.

bought "glaringly hip" and the color is light peach.

the only thing i hate about this is the shimmer.

the shimmer consist of pink and silver and when applied its way too many.
i wouldn't dare wear this as an everyday lipwear but maybe for parties or clubbing.

also, i have been using this mascara for a couple of weeks now...
i really like this mascara... although it doesn't really live up to the name "falsies" and the wand is kind of wobbly when applying. i still like this item thought because it creates a natural lashes for my taste but buildable to thicker more dramatic look.

anyways, along w/ my purchase for the P&J i also bought me an earring from Juicy Couture.

till next time~


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