Saturday, July 31, 2010

ELF haul!

hello everyone!

Just doing an elf haul! So, i waited about a month and a week for my package to arrive. Oh, and how many times i've contacted JA cosmetics.. i've order a week before my first order and surprisingly it came first before my first order from them. I was disappointed once again for their customer service but i just have to keep coming back because of their awesome deals!

anyways, here are the items i purchased...

a blush/bronzer dou, 2 new blushes, face primer, and brushes.

i wasn't a fan at first but i wanted to give it a try.

the only thing i hate about this is that my brush can't pick up much because it gets chalky.

the two new blushes from elf studio.

Left: Fuchsia Fusion; Right: Gotta Glow

Gotta Glow may come off white in picture but it is really yellowish-beige w/ silver shimmer. It's a really pretty color for highlighting and when apply it leaves a subtle shimmer w/ lightly pearl finish.

i really like Fuchsia Fusion hot pink w/ tiny gold glitters. I've read that this is similar to NARS limited edition blush "super orgasm" although the difference is that the Fuchsia Fusion has fined milled glitters and S. orgasm has patched of glitters when applied.

and the last one, i've been wanting to try this ever since it came out..

Mineral Infused face primer.

this product remind me so much of smashbox photofinish primer. Smells exactly the same and texture is exactly the same although the only difference is that elf is cheaper than smashbox.

the bottle has white liquid or cream and when pump out it becomes a clear jello type. (??) I really like this product i think it does it job, makes my face feel like a canvas and make my liquid foundation application apply smoothly.

and also, from my last post w/ the Coffret Dor the seller also add in a sample that i really like. ..

Lancome BB base, this product is only available in Asia and UK.

its a light beige color w/ a subtle shimmer.. i'm an NC 40 (medium w/ golden undertone) and this is super light for my skin but i mix it w/ my foundation. it has spf 50 which i find very good and it also has a very pleasant smell. I really want to purchase a full bottle of this base but i still have a little bit more. if anyone is interested you may purchase the item here

thnks for reading!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

coffret do'r & etude house

Coffret Dor "beauty C curve eyeshadow and LUCIDarling

Both i got from ebay for under $25.00.
From sleek packaging and beautiful casing i can't help but smile at both of them.

very classy and elegant, no one will ever know these are non high end brand.

They are both only available in Asia, which kind of a hassle because it takes more time to be shipped here. I highly demand all Asian cosmetic brand to be sold in here and the States, although, if you don't mind waiting for it.

l to right: Coffret Dor in "Peach Beige" and Etude House-LUCIdarling in "caramel" both consist of brown, beige, and pinks.

top left clockwise: pearly white, matte brown w/ a little shimmer, pearly pink, and mettalic brown.
it comes w/ a dual brush/sponge tip applicator and a mirror, the shadows are a little bit chalky which i don't like. The texture is very smooth and glides on easily but i hate it when i use my brush doesn't really take much when i apply it on my lid, i rather use a sponge tip.

left to right: pearly white, shimmery pink, shimmery beige, and shimmery brown. It's very smooth and just like any other Japanese brand eyeshadow its texture is creamy and silky.
The huge "c" with pearl eyeshadow was meant for the outer or end of the eye meeting the end of the cheek bone.

I was please w/ my purchased on ebay, for such a low price and great product.
although the coffret dor is a little bit pricey now on ebay try adambeauty $32 is still pretty okay rather than buying somewhere else for more than $35. Or try you luck on ebay and find a 100% powerseller for a bid or submit your best offer. Just in case she put out another bidding for coffret dor please do check her items for bid/sale from time to time.
Great prices and great communication w-nini8.

For further details please watch:

swatches will be up soon..
thnk you!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Faceshop mini haul

hi everyone!

i know i've been lacking post, but i'm here back and sharing these finds i've been mesmerizing on. haha! not really but i was lured in when i saw The Faceshop little corner at a department store. Not literally the whole The Faceshop items were there but they had few. I wanted to try their oh so popular "baked shimmer" powder but i had to do few research on them babies before i purchased.
I was pleased w/ some reviews and few left me not wanting the item, but i still wanted the blushes maybe next time.

anyways, here are the items i've been mesmerizing about....

baked triple color and two of the illuminating powder blushes.

super cute packaging indeed, what left me w/ an "aw" expression was the mini powder puff, too cute!

the only thing that suck about this item is the cheap cardboard, i was a bit mad about the cover not coming off and putting it back. ugh~

the left is in PK101 and the right is OR201

the colors can be sheer or build up to your liking.. the colors are very pigmented, maybe a dab of 2 or 3 using the puff and the colors comes out vibrant.

i'm not really sure if these blushes are still available at The Faceshop maybe ebay could help out on that one.

baked triple color in gold brown.

i am really liking the casing..

it comes w/ a mirror which is very handy and a mini applicator which i think is useless.

l to r; dark brown, champagne, and beige peach.

and here are few info of this mini quad (?) taken from their site respectably.
Easily workable Triple color shadow that delivers ultra glamorous sheen and glow to your eyes. Baked method was used to increase its lasting and adhesive power.

1. Absolutely outstanding lasting power.
2. No Fly away of pigments. (Excellent adhesive power)
3. High in shimmer but tiny sparkles give elegant and glamorous finish.
4. It is very compact, convenient size to carry around and contains a tip sponge brush.

overall, i was pleased w/ these items specially the blush in "orange" makes me happy which means i'm not done w/ The Faceshop items.. maybe reviews and more hauls to these coming weeks or months.

until next time~ thank you for reading!


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