Monday, June 28, 2010

Kanebo Kate&Lavshuca

just got home from work today.. tired and exhausted.. yep, tell me about it!
anyways, there was a brown package waiting for me in my room, i ordered another shadow from adambeauty and a lipstick. the first one i've ever ordered from there was a Kate gradical eyeshadow palette BR-1 and fell inlove immediately.

i was amazed w/ the product that i wanted another color, although the color are tad similar but it's more copper w/ orange colors in the palette.

flash and w/o flash

from l-r swatch: chocolate brown, copper, peach beige, and shimmery white

i'm really liking the colors! super creamy and smooth when i glide my fingers to the rich pigmented colors, definitely worth a try!!

here's my BR-1 and BR-2 together..

and i also wanted to try Lavshuca dramatic rouge. after seeing a review @ lotuspalace.blogspot i couldn't wait to purchase mine.. so here it is!

super cute casing! elegant and princess-y like.

i got mine in PK-3 peach/beige color!

i love how this lipstick is glossy and sheer!

i'm really liking japanese cosmetics, some are definitely worth trying and whatever comes from japan you all know its going to be cute! i can't wait to try out more specially on those high-end japanese cosmetics area.

thnk you for reading!


Nicol said...

pretty shimmers and the lipstick is gorgeous!

Joy said...

thank you~ i'm really liking the lipstick~


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