Wednesday, June 23, 2010

E.L.F. elements compact press on e/s

hello all!

so today tried my luck on a job interview as a bank teller i kind bluff at some of the question. i'm taking a hard guess that i didn't get the job *pouts* oh well there's always another time and plus i still have my other job.

to get rid of my stress and stop thinking about earlier i decided to do a little project. made my very own compact palette w/ eyeshadows i barely use!

stopped by at kmart and some japanese store and picked these out.

i have a 28 neutral coastal scent palette i've barely ever used..

i used sticky gems decoration and covered the name "elf elements" on the palette..
here how it looked after its finish.

i'm really liking the purple and teal combo.. i think i might just use the pink one for now.. these two screamed "KAWAII" when it was finished.

ugh! look how messy my palette came to be..

these are the items i used. fix+, makeup remover.. etc.

and here's the final product! i was pretty pleased ^___^

the top left corner is stila's "kitten".. one of my fave color.

fyi: if ever attempted after press on spray 3x of fix+ cause it will again crack and be messy.

thnk you for reading!

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