Monday, June 28, 2010

Kanebo Kate&Lavshuca

just got home from work today.. tired and exhausted.. yep, tell me about it!
anyways, there was a brown package waiting for me in my room, i ordered another shadow from adambeauty and a lipstick. the first one i've ever ordered from there was a Kate gradical eyeshadow palette BR-1 and fell inlove immediately.

i was amazed w/ the product that i wanted another color, although the color are tad similar but it's more copper w/ orange colors in the palette.

flash and w/o flash

from l-r swatch: chocolate brown, copper, peach beige, and shimmery white

i'm really liking the colors! super creamy and smooth when i glide my fingers to the rich pigmented colors, definitely worth a try!!

here's my BR-1 and BR-2 together..

and i also wanted to try Lavshuca dramatic rouge. after seeing a review @ lotuspalace.blogspot i couldn't wait to purchase mine.. so here it is!

super cute casing! elegant and princess-y like.

i got mine in PK-3 peach/beige color!

i love how this lipstick is glossy and sheer!

i'm really liking japanese cosmetics, some are definitely worth trying and whatever comes from japan you all know its going to be cute! i can't wait to try out more specially on those high-end japanese cosmetics area.

thnk you for reading!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

E.L.F. elements compact press on e/s

hello all!

so today tried my luck on a job interview as a bank teller i kind bluff at some of the question. i'm taking a hard guess that i didn't get the job *pouts* oh well there's always another time and plus i still have my other job.

to get rid of my stress and stop thinking about earlier i decided to do a little project. made my very own compact palette w/ eyeshadows i barely use!

stopped by at kmart and some japanese store and picked these out.

i have a 28 neutral coastal scent palette i've barely ever used..

i used sticky gems decoration and covered the name "elf elements" on the palette..
here how it looked after its finish.

i'm really liking the purple and teal combo.. i think i might just use the pink one for now.. these two screamed "KAWAII" when it was finished.

ugh! look how messy my palette came to be..

these are the items i used. fix+, makeup remover.. etc.

and here's the final product! i was pretty pleased ^___^

the top left corner is stila's "kitten".. one of my fave color.

fyi: if ever attempted after press on spray 3x of fix+ cause it will again crack and be messy.

thnk you for reading!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Paul & Joe Beaute Summer '10

hello ladies!

remember the post (if anyone of you are a reader in my blog) when i was raving about P&J summer creation? well, i finally bought me some.

i got me a powder and a lipstick! super cute packaging indeed!!

the powder comes in two shades (which is also a limited edition) 001- DUNE (transparent) 002- Dessert Sand (bronzey darker shade)

the powder puff is so cute too!!!

i got 002 which is the perfect color for me, and as always the smell of P&J powders which i love is flowery and elegant.

this powder also stated that it stays on even after perspiring!
and oh boy! my place is hot as an oven and i hate it when my makeup melt and drips on my shirt (and specially if its a white shirt which we normally wear at work!)
and this powder also stated that it prevents oily shine and creates a natural semi-matte finish! LOVE!!

i got mine in morroco (shade 003) sheer pink brown w/ gold bronze shimmer.

it comes in two other shade which is caravan (001) sheer light pink w/ gold shimmer and the other one is sahara (002) sheer hot pink.

(haha! made a mistake on this one, the lipstick shade is at the bottom corner)

without flash

with flash

the only thing i dislike about this lipstick is way too shimmery.. makes my lips
metallic finish like.. so just an FYI wear a lipbalm before applying. makes it more like a glossy shimmer finish than a metallic finish.

thnks for reading ladies until next time!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kate Gradical Eyes BR-1

Just came from the mail today and excitedly opened a package from
Hong Kong. I'd ordered an eyeshadow quad 2 weeks ago from and it safely arrived to me.
I've been eyeing Kate's gradical eyeshadow in brown 1 and wanted to try it out.

super cute packaging.

from left to right: deep color, medium color, medium color , highlight, eye base.

I love how it has specific input on where to apply it.. deep color for crease and medium color for lids. It also cames w/ a direction on the back side of the casing although in Japanese but just looking at the picture, looked pretty easy enough.

from left to right: a matte w/ subtle of shimmer chocolate brown, a shimmery pearl golden taupe (similar to woodwinked E/S from MAC), shimmery pearl champagne color,
pearly white, and pearly white base.

the only thing i'm not digging is the dual applicator, sponge tip on the other end and brush tip on the other end. I really like this quad, just something to use for an everyday look.

And don't forget to visit and shop at for Japanese/asian cosmetic for reasonable price and just $2 s&h for registered mail. This quad also comes in different shade, I might try all of soon.

Til next time~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

DIOR Ultra-Gloss GLOW "orange satin"

hello everyone!

i know it's been a while, so, recently i bought a lipgloss from DIOR "summer collection '10" glosses. I tried all the colors but one stand out most, i never owned any DIOR item but i always wanted one. So now i have one and let me tell you, one of the best lipgloses i've ever tried. NOT sticky at all! i mean there are great drugstore product that has the same glossy texture but sometimes its just way to glossy and becomes unflattering. And also hence the smell, i love my NYX lipglosses but the cherry almond smell is a little unpleasant for me.

top row is "ultra gloss glow", middle is "ultra gloss pearl", and last row is "ultra gloss flash"

the bottom rows are very nicely tinted... but be careful w/ the glitters it kind of hard to take off!

My favorite are the ones from the top row and realized that i always wanted that "glowy effect" on my lips. I really like the lipgloss i chose since its nude and looked really great w/ my skin color.

peach/orange color!

really sorry for a LQ pic!

can't wait to grab more of DIOR items.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CLINIQUE Colour Surge Eyeshadow pallete - "CHOCO-LATTE"

hi guys!

i guess its been a while.. anyways i've cleaned up my makeup vanity and removed my unwanted or the items i don't use anymore.

BUT, before that, i would like to do a review on this eyeshadow palette i've been wanting to try for a while. Clnique's Colour Surge eyeshadow quad in "choco-latte" is a neutral shades of gorgeous pigmented shadows.

it comes in this cute casing!

left: w/o flash; right: w/ flash

very pigmented
easy to blend

a bit pricey (well can't think of anymore problem w/ this little quad)

left: w/o flash right: w/ flash

colors from left to right: pearly white, matte chocolate brown, shimmery beige/white, and shimmery brown w/ pink undertone.

i really like all the colors in this little quad,it's perfect for an everyday look. there are more colors to choose from, maybe i'll purchase another color next time.
this quad retail for $25 but, i don't regret buying this since i know i'll be using this for the longest time.

RATE: 9/10


all my unwanted makeup i kept inside a shoe box, well, they won't go to waste.
i'll be selling them and if anyone is interested, leave me a comment or email me.

they are all used but sanitized.. yes! i use all my makeup~

thanks for reading!


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