Wednesday, May 26, 2010

super mini haul & review!

went to my work today and stopped by @ Paul & Joe counter.
the summer collection was luring me in~ it's so cute!! i didn't
want to buy it yet until the end of this month~

anyways, stopped by at MAC counter at Macy's and apparently their summer collection
"To the Beach" didn't launched yet, although i was invited to the launching!! hurray!!! i was so mad yesterday went online about 4:00 in the afternoon and checked out Mac "To the Beach" collection and the highlighter was SOLD OUT!! i guess its a must have, and now i can't wait for the product launching.

anyways, bought a lipstick and a cream liner from Clinique.

cream liner, mac lipstick in "cherish", P&J lipstick #28, and squeeze!

i think mostly MAC addict has cherish color right?

cherish is a peachy beige! really pretty color! and the other swatch is P&J #28 more of a peachy color doesn't really show on my lips so i gave it to my sister.

i've been wanting to try out Clinique's cream liner. supposedly smudgeproof and waterproof, which i badly need!

water resistant
comes w/ a mini brush
glides on smoothly
very pigmented

comes in a plastic container (supposedly dries fast versus a glass container)
the brush is too small to use

made few strikes w/ the mini brush that came w/ it. (not really liking the brush)

my first smudge using my fingers.. (this liner is a toughy~)

then rubbed the liner using my fingers, amazingly it won't come off after that so i had to use a makeup remover.

RATING: 8/10

until next time~

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