Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day + review

first of all HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all mothers out there.

today was bittersweet, so much going on but in the end everything worked out

i made a reservation at this hotel restaurant but forgot to bring my identification work card so i could get my discount. we ended up eating at one of my favorite italian restaurant "Capriciosa". great atmosphere, server, and great food.

my favorite! fried calamari

my sister's order - chicken mushroom alfredo pasta
the best pasta evahh~ seafood pasta! yumm

and of course ordered my mom cookie cake, apparently had to add my sister's bday there too.. last week was her birthday and she didn't have cake so might as well celebrate two special days.

haha! my nephew wanted a piece so i had to give him a slice.

again, happy momma day!!

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