Sunday, May 9, 2010

loreal metamorphosis palette

i haven't seen quite few reviews on this palette, apparently i was walking down makeup aisle on SM and found this gorgeous palette. it was at the counter of "LOREA'L" products, mostly are from asia or europe country. this was made in france and i haven't seen this anywhere else where i live. this palette debuted in 2008 but i guess it happened to be in the counter for me to see and do a review on. fyi: lorea'l also carries lancome.

really gorgeous packaging.

the palette comes with four shimmery eyeshadows and 4 glistening lipglosses.

the palette is a trifold the shadow on the other side and lipgloss on the other
which the mirror and applicator is center.

from left to right: shimmery blue/green (turquoise), pearly peach, shimmery brown, pearly pink.

very pigmented colors, summer is almost here, perfect combination look for the beach.

from left to right: sheer pink, glossy mauve brown, sheer lilac, glossy red.

i really like the reddish color, reminds me of lorea'ls H.I.P. jelly balm in "ripe".

this palette is a travel size, compared to my mac lipstick this won't cost any trouble adding it w/ my travel necessities.

also, saw this cute packaging of lipgloss from NYX.

the cap embedded w/ a cute ribbon! super cute!

frosted beige a peachy beige color! i love how the words in front is different, just simply cute.

thnks for reading!

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