Sunday, April 11, 2010


celebrating my 21st birthday just w/ my beautiful family.
the best part about my special day is that i get to share it w/ my mom
whom has the same birthday as i do.

turning 21 is refreshing, just something to look out for the new beggining
of becoming another year older and of course entering woman-hood.

can't wait to start up another goal and hope to reach it when i turned 22.

anyways, enough w/ the yapping.. my family and i went to one of my favorite restaurant and best of all they had my favorite cuisine waiting for me to devour.

i had sautee'd crab/muscles/suquid, paella, fresh lumpia, and braised fish.

and for dessert i made me "halo-halo" something like patbingsoo but this one
had mixture of jello, tapioca balls, purple yam, and coconut strip w/ custard on top.

"halo-halo" in filipino and "mix" in english..
its a very popular snack or dessert in the phillipines. some even put ice cream on top and add cereal as mixture, add some super crushed ice and pour some milk on top.

my nephew who kept running away from our table and wandering around the restaurant. haha!

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