Sunday, April 25, 2010

swatch + BB cream review!

been wanting to try out one of Paul and Joe lipstick!
i grabbed # 29..

a peachy nude color!
i love how it's sheer and shimmery, i had to do 4 swatches on my hand.
i also love how its smell.. this particular lipstick would match any outfits, also bling out the lips due to the glitters.

i've been using BB creams for a year now, i've tried dr. jart & skinfood
but by far Missha's BB cream topped my listing.
i've collect 3 of their best sellers. fyi: i have really oily skin on my t-zone area
and my skin color is medium.

(from l-r: vita, shiny, and perfect cover (#23) )

the best one yet is Missha VITA (gold) the best BB cream i've tried so far.

matches skin tone after few minutes
hides blemishes and scarring
smells great
lightweight on face
doesn't give me breakout

makes you look a little darker
gets oily
fades due to sweating

rate: 4.5/5 just because i have to re-apply this about twice throughout the day because of our warm and sunny weather. i recommend a blot powder to use w/ this item.

(from l-r: vita, shiny, perfect cover)

vita has a pink beige color, great to cover any redness and scarring on the face.
shiny has a nude beige color, kind of shimmery.. similar to Revlon's Photoready foundation in 'natural beige'.
perfect cover #23 has a nude beige color also similar to Revlon's Colorstay either could pass up to 'medium beige' or 'natural beige'

shiny (white and silver) BB cream is the last thing i wanted to try out. when i swatch and blended the colors in the back of my hand i thought that its way too shimmery to apply to my oily skin.

great for highlighting
covers blemish and scarring
smells great
create a healthy glowing reflection

way too shimmery
gets oily through the end of the day
makes my face more shiny due to the shimmer
hence makes my face more oily

rate: 3/5

i would give this BB cream another shot to use as foundation base, maybe when
i go somewhere cold. this BB cream is really not a good base to use at a tropical area.

here's how it look when its spread a little bit, now you could easily tell 'vita' is a tad lighter than the other two. you could also tell that 'shiny' and 'perfect cover #23' is similar.

Missha's hottest selling product Perfect Cover BB cream. i was skeptical at first but when it was trending back then i had to get my hand on one.

matches skintone
great spf
covers my dark circle, blemish, scarring, and redness.
great use as a foundation base or alone itself
feels like silicon when applied

made me break out
makes you a little dark at the end of the day

rate: 4.5/5

may sound great and apply great, but still doesn't do justice when i break out.

this is how it looks when thoroughly spread out.

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